Love Is A Cigarette – Nuno Bettencourt

Get out the rituals
Eat all the dirty rats
We are the dirty rats
Get out the beautiful
Kiss all the pretty mouths
Bite all the sharpened tongues
Evil is just a tongue

Love is a cigarette
Smokin a big cigar
Love is a lunatic
Fever the lunatics

I’ve come to take you home
Capture you alone
I’m gonna keep you for me
Keep you for myself
To share with no one else
You’ll be my baby
Come back (hey! hey!)
Don’t run (hey! hey!)
I’m here (hey! hey!)
I’m your (hey! hey!)
Hero (hey! hey!)
I’ll save (hey! hey!)
The day (hey! hey!)
I’m your hero

Get out and amputate
Take out the trashy bones
Let all the cries and worms

Lyric Love Is A Cigarette – Nuno Bettencourt