Out Of Sight – Love Like Blood

another kiss seals another hand another hand is setting free hidden tears I cannot see while the moon is grinning a time lifting up my agony suffice it to say i’ll damn the whole day whole day heaven knows where heaven is heaven knows just what I miss keep the silence in embrace I can’t […]

Johannesburg – Love Like Blood

are blowing away little knees crushed bones and finger tips are forming words on bleeding lips blue eyes are watching them blue eyes are killing them but there’s no hope when they pray the lord seems to be miles away we saw the spirit of johannesburg filthy smoke covering the sun a bullet left another […]

Mercy Killing – Love Like Blood

written on the sky, reflected in your eyes behave yourself – this is my cry the will to live – the reason why you call it absolutely necessary mercy killing all the nights there made you crazy all the time you wanted to flee there was always danger in your dreams and all that thoughts […]

The Tribute To Manila – Love Like Blood

is shining over manila’s streets where they are standing and selling their breakable dolls bodies she said she is twelve years old and her name is arlene on her left forarm are some small scares to see beutiful faces and the call of the flash 40 dolars for a life without choice when the trip […]