Love Sensation – Accept

It’s just her nature
I’ve had enough of the night
Taken by systems of love
I’m outta money
But gotten ounees of love
She got her name droppin’ down to an art
Don’t need no mother
Just a woman in kind
A stranger suits me fine
How she’s been spreadin’ it around – ah!
What admiration
I feel less than respect
I’ve liad my cards on the table
She’s gotta deal with it
No more money to burn
No pages to turn
Wanna be your love sensation
I don’t feel no need to wonder why
Let me be your love sensation
I feel your need your heat your need
For free admission
An open world of sun rise
Ticket season just for the ride
With a wag of your tail
And the wind in my smile
‘Cause even every dog has it’s day – yes it does

Lyric Love Sensation – Accept