Performer LUDACRIS

Get Back – Ludacris

Heads up! Heads up! Here’s another one! And a – and another one OOHHHHHHHH!!! [Chorus] Yeek yeek woop woop!! why […]

Pass Out – Ludacris

If you a lame motherfucker, get yo’ ass out! I’m from the A, I came to party ’til I pass […]

Phat Rabbit – Ludacris

I be that nigga named Ludi a k a L-O-V-A L-O-V-A Fuck that shit Nigga what you wan say one […]

Hood Stuck – Ludacris

Eastside, eastside nigga wha? (Eastside, eastside nigga what?) I’m talk bout da Westside, westside nigga wha? (Westside, westside nigga wha?) […]

Who Not Me – Ludacris

[Small World X4 (Ludacris)] Uhhuhh no way no how, get like blaow, blaow, blaow kapaow (Yeah, you ever hear somebody […]

Stand Up – Ludacris

Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! [Chorus: Ludacris and (woman)] When I move you move (just like that?) […]

Hopeless – Ludacris

Ooh..You feel that As I take you to them dirt roads deep down in your southern roots Where nobody said […]

Catch Up – Ludacris

All this drinking gon catch up And all this smoking gon catch up But some niggaz just really don’t give […]

Area Codes – Ludacris

[nate dogg] [chorus] I’ve got hoes I’ve got hoes, in different area codes (area, area Hoes, hoes, in different […]

Mouthing Off – Ludacris

Look, when it all comes down to it… we ain’t have shit its word of mouth Ludacris, 4-ize, its like […]

Skit – Ludacris

[Girl] Hello [Ludacris] waz up girl? [Girl] Waz up baby? I miss you. [Ludacris] I know [Girl] When you coming […]

Ho – Ludacris

Hooooooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) I said that youza hooooo (Ho) Ludacris- You doin ho activities With […]

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