Performer LUDACRIS

Mouthing Off – Ludacris

Look, when it all comes down to it… we ain’t have shit its word of mouth Ludacris, 4-ize, its like […]

Skit – Ludacris

[Girl] Hello [Ludacris] waz up girl? [Girl] Waz up baby? I miss you. [Ludacris] I know [Girl] When you coming […]

Ho – Ludacris

Hooooooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) I said that youza hooooo (Ho) Ludacris- You doin ho activities With […]

Large Amounts – Ludacris

In this life, one thing counts In the bank, large amounts [Ludacris – over end of Chorus] This life, that’s […]

Come On Over (Skit) – Ludacris

(ring….2020–)hello.. (girl)hello Yeah whats u. oh oh whats up..(hey)yo this is 20/20..hey hey cris ris..soask Em if they comin ova)oh […]

Coming 2 America – Ludacris

Thank you, king shit Yeah motherfuckers! welcome to the united states of america. Time to roll out the red carpet […]

Go 2 Sleep – Ludacris

[hook 3x] Go to sleep, hoe to sleep, go to sleep, hoe to sleep If you’re tired be quiet and […]

Two Miles An Hour – Ludacris

to e’rybody that put mo’ into they cars than they do they relationship Let’s ride [Chorus: repeat 2X] Two miles […]

Hoes In My Room – Ludacris

Hey! Thank all yall for comin’ out tonight It was a beautiful night tonight and The Shizznit Where pimpin’ and […]

Hard Times – Ludacris

[Chorus: Carl Thomas] I’m tryin to make it through these hard times (hard, times) I’m tryin to make it through […]

Screwed Up – Ludacris

[Man coughs] [Man talking] Ah yeah, we sending this one out From everybody I mean to everybody from the H-Town […]

1st & 10 – Ludacris

I started wit 10 Mack 10’s 10 clips and 10 piers Got 10 times richer in the span of 10 […]

She Said – Ludacris

[chorus: repeat 2x] She said she never done it, she said she never tried She’s sittin there tellin a motherfuckin […]

Number One Spot – Ludacris

Yeahhhh baby, heh heh, yeahh! [Ludacris] Back again (that’s right) Luda! Ha ha ha ha (Feel this) It gets meaner […]

Put Your Money – Ludacris

[Chorus 2X: Ludacris] + (DMX) Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK) Bet a million […]

P-Poppin’ – Ludacris

[Hook] Head down booty booty poppin Head down booty booty poppin Head down booty booty poppin Head down booty poppin […]