Performer LUDO

Air-conditioned Love – Ludo

The loneliest werewolf, I wander the earth My words are mistakes and my thoughts are unclean This cider inside me, […]

Mutiny Below – Ludo

This rainy avenue Put me in my proper place I’m not the one for you But you’re here now Can […]

Laundry Girl – Ludo

You had the cleanest dirty laundry that a Laundromat had ever seen Laundry Girl, you said that I should read […]

Save Our City – Ludo

the zombies are marching, they close on the square Families are cold, look down at their souls huddled in camps […]

Part I: Broken Bride – Ludo

speed of light, the diagrams and haunted sleep on frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams, your garden grave, I’d climb […]

Girls On Trampolines – Ludo

‘Til Party Guy picks it up and says, “Behind Burger King” Should they make another run? Their fake says they’re […]

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