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Part I: Broken Bride – Ludo

speed of light, the diagrams and haunted sleep on frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams, your garden grave, I’d climb inside, hold your bones and slowly die, the cooling space inside your chest, my broken bride, you never breathed again. The circuits fail, the cosmic strings like rubber bands, I lose control, they snap, I […]

Girls On Trampolines – Ludo

‘Til Party Guy picks it up and says, “Behind Burger King” Should they make another run? Their fake says they’re 21, they’re not sure they got enough, should they go buy more stuff? He says, “Forget about the stuff, they’ve got more than enough, they thought of everything,” he says, “They’ve got more beer than […]

Sara’s Song – Ludo

The bluest guy the blues had found You came, you gave me Butter Pecan You let me ramble on and on When we walked down the street My heart you would steal With Ewoks on T. V. I knew it was real Clumsy royalty and speech pathology You found me all alone I found myself […]

Roxy – Ludo

Is it because I’m American? Maybe it’s because I don’t grope you and your friends Like the fool behind you now dancing halfway down your pants Somewhere near the border of Spain and France A bottle of bad red wine in my head Sixty francs to look like a fool and dance Mechanics understand not […]

Saturday Night Thunderbolt – Ludo

And some sasquatch wookie-boner spilled his Mad Dog down my shirt There’s a party-thumpin’, booty-humpin’ music-wagon in my head My friends passed out or disappeared all leaving me Banana Red When what to my wondering eyes should appear? I feel like Elliot when E. T. drank the beer Knock me down, her hair is brown, […]

Part III: The Lamb And The Dragon – Ludo

So rapid the raptors, as coursers, they came all the scratching and screaming, I barely escaped while the fuel cells they drained far too fast, I am dragged like worms on a hook through the hole to the blackness beyond at the end of days, where the world bleeds and burns The sun is black […]

In Space – Ludo

All dusty craters Fear and panic Orbit mars Saturn’s dark side rings Are just plain beautiful Back on earth You’re waking up soon Stretching in The morning light No celestial body Could compare to you And even though I’d always dreamed of Going to the stars In space What I think about is You and […]

Hum Along – Ludo

You’ll never see the movie in my head But you infest my sleep, and your figure creeps Through my walls and hums above my bed I know your name, and that you’re photogenic and tall But I’ve never heard you talk And there’s something about you That stabs me right through It isn’t right for […]

Such As It Ends – Ludo

You’ve been searching through the deserts and the caves Your postcards hit me in waves Sadly stinging me with songs from yesterday Love such as it ends Breaking the hearts that wouldn’t bend Closes the doors you used to listen through Love such as it ends Into the flames we’ll start again And in the […]

Love Me Dead – Ludo

Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. ‘High-maintenance’ means You’re a gluttonous queen Narcissistic and mean. Kill me romantically Fill my soul with vomit Then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter and dumb You’re my sugarplum. You’re awful, I love you! CHORUS She moves through moonbeams slowly She knows just how to hold […]