Ecstasy And Terror – Lux Occulta

coils of rays plaited together with chains of flesh such a calm morning… and the earth’s crust explodes with the carpet of thousand flowers music of all spheres …He is back! aroused women wash their naked bodies in bubbling springs of sweet dark wine the whole world will dance in this joyful time everything blossoms, […]

Upwards To Conquer Heaven – Lux Occulta

Be a many-headed dragon! Be a lion, spuring flames! Come!” (taken from ‘Bakkhai’ by Euripides) …and the time has come to fulfil the oath hold your swords tight aim the sun spread proudly your wings this is the day to transgress the forbidden spread proudly your wings can’t you see them? armour made of dream […]

Bitter Taste Of Victory – Lux Occulta

where is the promised land? where is the eden you told me about? where emotions that once seized my heart? where are your warm, helpful hands? yeah… now I see… you are all dead dead for me abandoned by friends I’ve never really had this is the price we pay for being ourselves solitude and […]

Sweetest Stench Of The Dead – Lux Occulta

he broke our nexks, he tore our teeth he wanted us – angels – to become his slaves and that was the slap that the giants cannot stand we are the rebel ones the individuals the ones that are not afraid to spit in the tyrant’s face fuck yeah! this means war! these mountains are […]

Chalice Of Lunar Blood – Lux Occulta

You, o Beauty, dressed in moonlight and the snakeheads of ivy leaves entwin e your white neck… Come! Come here… spit on me, spit on me for I am the dust under your feet unexpected and unwanted, I am your portrait, water and salt, air to breathe Come closer… let’s climb to the sky to […]

Apokathastasis – Lux Occulta

where do these visions come from? of me naked, drawing cyphers on a sand leters and sings never known to me it’s me again, making sculptures of ice that melts under light touch of my lips (I’m) impotent creator of cold, lifeless shapes glare of your world on fire reflects in my eyes now I […]

The Kingdom Is Mine – Lux Occulta

you turned my head into stone you broke my wings remember? you turned my limbs into snaketails you’ve forgotten about my existence ha! you fool! you’ve forgotten me! thousands of sunds have passed as I’ve been crawling in my own blood miriads of years I’ve been waiting for the beautiful day of payback I speak […]

Homodeus – Lux Occulta

It withers all the year round and blooms only once a year. On day which will be my birth for all worlds that I don’t know. Which have been waiting for me bombarding with the light of stars. Lashing down with frost and embracing with tongues of rain. I will die when the rose blooms. […]