Goodbye – Lyfe Jennings

is easier then. breaking up we believe if we change fake it enough we can trick ourselves into believing that […]

My Life – Lyfe Jennings

See I done been discriminated against Talked about by my friends Played a fool by women And had a daddy […]

Greedy – Lyfe Jennings

See I’m a wanted man barely living in these streets Since child support saw fit to put out a warrant […]

Stingy – Lyfe Jennings

See im jealous of your clothes cause they touch you more than I do It kills me sometimes to know […]

Cry – Lyfe Jennings

I done had money I done been broke I done been talked about something awful Done been lied on by […]

Smile – Lyfe Jennings

Feels like I’m in heaven Rollin’ my 67 Cadillac DeVille bumpin’ that old Sugar Hill Today I’m living proof your […]