Hypothetically – Lyfe Jennings

1st Verse: What if I broke our monogamous agreement What if I told you I lied but didn’t mean it What if my one mistake had the potential to break up our happy home Would you wanna know What if I confessed it and though she didn’t mean nothing since it happened You’re thinking about […]

Stick Up Kid – Lyfe Jennings

Rolling in my 2-door Monte Carlo Looking for somebody I can borrow 5 or 10 dollars ’til tomorrow I’m doing bad ya’ll uh-uhn I just smoked my last pack of cigarettes today Ever seen a nigga diggin in the ashtray It’s a crumbling and humbling sight to see I’m doing bad ya’ll uh-uhn And their […]

Biggie Nigga – Lyfe Jennings

So we was together for a little while after that ya know things, things did get a little better, ya know what I am saying. Ya know after about the time I met somebody else. I met this lady ya know and um another lady other that her you know I got my record deal […]

Smile – Lyfe Jennings

Feels like I’m in heaven Rollin’ my 67 Cadillac DeVille bumpin’ that old Sugar Hill Today I’m living proof your worst fear came true I’m doing alright without you baby I’m leaving all that darkness behind me Making changes in my life So when that sunshine finally finds me I can stand fully in the […]