Stand By Your Man – Lyle Lovett

Giving all your love to just one man You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times Doing things that you don’t understand But if you love him please forgive him Even though he’s hard to understand And if you love him, whoa be proud of him ‘Cause after all he’s just man Stand by […]

Church – Lyle Lovett

So I could sing and pray But something quite unusual Happened on that day Now church it started right on time Just like it does without a doubt And everything was all just fine Except when it came time to let us out You know the preacher he kept preaching He told us I have […]

God Will – Lyle Lovett

When you’ve been cheating And spending your nights on the town And who keeps on saying that he still wants you When you’re through running around And who keeps on loving you When you’ve been lying Saying things ain’t what they seem God does But I don’t God will But I won’t And that’s the […]

Sonja – Lyle Lovett

At picking up women But this life that I live Is not one that I choose She was a waitress With hair blond and curly With a pretty black dress And those Japanese shoes Man I need to impress her ‘Cause I’d like to undress her I need a song about Sonja When I’m singing […]

Simple Song – Lyle Lovett

You see the moon and watch it rise Across the continent the night bird sings And somewhere someone hears its cry So disillusioned Keep your head down If you do they’ll never know You’ll have no answers to their questions And they will have to let you go And disenfranchised Revolution They’ll take away by […]

Baltimore – Lyle Lovett

Lord can’t you hear me screaming As a young man long ago When I was twenty-one And I know I’ve seen this house before With people all around it With my baby cousin on the floor And Mama in the kitchen And a woman lies upon the bed I think she must be dying And […]

I Think You Know What I Mean – Lyle Lovett

He told me pull up a chair And he looked in my eyes With a cold steely stare And he spoke with a wisdom That I’d never heard And as I was hanging On every last word He said son I think you know what I mean He said son I think you know what […]

Skinny Legs – Lyle Lovett

He’s got skinny legs like I always wanted A girlfreind in his car ’cause he’s got Skinny legs like I always wanted Sister look at me again You’d love me if I were as skinny as him And see that boy with that guitar He’s got a shirt and tie like I always wanted A […]

I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You – Lyle Lovett

You know I’ll always love you It’s not the words I wish that I could stay It’s more the way your lips looked As you spoke them And how the moonlight fell upon your face I married her just because she looks like you And for every time you said no She says honey I’ll […]

If I Needed You – Lyle Lovett

Would you come to me Would you come to me And ease my pain If you needed me I would come to you I’d swim the seas For to ease your pain In the night forlorn Ah, the morning’s born And the morning shines With the lights of love You will miss sunrise If you […]

I Know You Know – Lyle Lovett

Not just what comes to mind ‘Cause I can see you’re somewhere in between This morning and the late last night And I know you know I know you know I know you know I’m so in love with you Even the stars will pass away And the sun will burn to coal And even […]

I Love Everybody – Lyle Lovett

Especially you I love everybody Especially you So if you feel lonesome Remember it’s true I love everybody Especially you It’s not the long lashes Or lips on your face And it’s not your bosoms That time can’t erase And it’s not those long slender Legs on your feet Your mind is the feature That […]

You Were Always There – Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett The sun comes up The world goes round and round There’s no bad luck, its Just the luck you found You steal away Into a lonesome sun Another day Is lowered in the ground I feel my heartbeat It’s pounding in my head I hear the hooves beat They must be drawing near […]

The Waltzing Fool – Lyle Lovett

He’s got lights in his fingers The waltzing fool He just don’t never say The waltzing fool He keeps his hands in his pockets And waltzes the evening away And it’s a waltz to a woman Who’s lying beside him It’s a waltz to a face on the wall When she’s gone It’s a waltz […]

Why I Don’t Know – Lyle Lovett

Was it the caviar Was it her airplane Was it her daddy’s car Was it the new thing With all the dough Why I don’t know I just had to go Was that the yacht club Or just a fishing boat Was that the leg of lamb Or was it a billy goat Was that […]

Ain’t It Somethin’ – Lyle Lovett

Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ How the way things go Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ How the way things go Ain’t it somethin’ Yes yes Ain’t it somethin’ Oh no Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ How the way things go Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ Ain’t it somethin’ […]

Walk Through the Bottomland – Lyle Lovett

And she was a lady I say But she met a cowboy who rode on the rodeo And he stole her heart straight away The New Jersey lady she loved him so true Another love she never had But cowboys are lonesome and cowboys are blue And they make the ladies so sad Sing me […]

Cryin’ Shame – Lyle Lovett

That just won’t quit You got a pretty boy And he looks pretty hip You got you one on the sly But you gave him the slip And that’s just a cryin’ shame ‘Cause you love the boy With pretty green eyes And you love the boy Who says he’s so clever and wise And […]

Cute As A Bug – Lyle Lovett

Highway 45 A sun-drunk redneck Barely left me alive That’s when I saw her Singin’ and laughin’ Tryin’ to pass me In a Volkswagen She’s as cute as a Bug Short as a minute She’s a pretty little package with Everything in it I’ve said enough To praise God above I’m crazy in love She’s […]

Pontiac – Lyle Lovett

Down the hill out in back Late every afternoon With a coke and a cigarette And all of the neighbors there They see a nice old man And the girl there across the street She sits on her front porch swing She never realized What I told her with my eyes How back in the […]

Just The Morning – Lyle Lovett

Whisper to me that you want me Arms around me Whisper to me that you want me There’s nothing here to be afraid of It’s just the morning Stop you talking Into the night now don’t you worry Stop your tossing Into the night now don’t you worry There’s nothing here to be afraid of […]

Old Friend – Lyle Lovett

All the stories to tell Old friend Could you bid me farewell Old friend It might be easy for another man to see Old foe All the pain and the scars Old foe Could you lay down your arms Old foe It might be easy for another man to see Put your head down on […]

La To The Left – Lyle Lovett

La to the right La to the middle is is falling I saw her walking off Out in the morning light La to the middle is falling Mother was good to me How then else could she be I was a child of her own But the children the little ones They talk with the […]

Since the Last Time – Lyle Lovett

Lord it made me happy Seeing all those people I ain’t seen Since the last time Somebody died Everybody talking They were telling funny stories Saying all those things They ain’t said Since the last time Somebody died But you take a look around you Don’t it seem like something’s missing I said something that […]

I’ve Got The Blues – Lyle Lovett

In such as long time And I ain’t called your number On that telephone line And I believed in my soul That I left you behind But here I am calling And here I am crying I’ve got the blues Won’t you save me I’ve got the blues As far as I can see I’ve […]