Bears – Lyle Lovett

Some folks never seen a bear at all Some folks say that bears go around eating babies raw Some folks […]

Rollin’ By – Lyle Lovett

On the plains of West Texas The drugstore’s closed down The river’s run dry The semis roll through Just like […]

Closing Time – Lyle Lovett

They shuffle in They hear the sound But by night’s end It’s night’s abandon You look across the floor Ain’t […]

Smile – Lyle Lovett

Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it’s breaking. Though there are clouds in the sky, you get […]

Moritat – Lyle Lovett

As performed by Lyle Lovett for the film Quiz Show: See the shark with teeth like razors You can read […]

Fat Babies – Lyle Lovett

And I don’t like cornbread And I don’t like much I said I don’t hippies And I don’t like cornbread […]

The Fat Girl – Lyle Lovett

She always stayed inside and played piano And she told her mother The children made her cry And her mother […]

Promises – Lyle Lovett

And promises broken Words stain my lips Just like blood on my hands And words are like poison That sinks […]

Here I Am – Lyle Lovett

I’m the guy who sits next to you And reads the newspaper over your shoulder Wait Don’t turn the page […]

Summer Wind – Lyle Lovett

The summer wind, came blowin’ in from across the sea It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with […]

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