Pass Me Not – Lyle Lovett

Hear my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. Refrain: (I’m calling) Savior, Savior, […]

Truck Song – Lyle Lovett

Well, It’s over three days since I left Houston. Ole Black’s my truck’s name. She’s held together by BF Good […]

M-O-N-E-Y – Lyle Lovett

Listen son Don’t you sit around and cry Because love In this world Ain’t nothing you can’t buy She’s got […]

Lungs – Lyle Lovett

Mine are collapsing Plant my feet and bitterly breathe Up the time that’s passing And breath I’ll take and breath […]

Penguins – Lyle Lovett

For diamond rings Or movie stars I go for penguins Oh Lord I go for penguins Throw your money out […]

Church – Lyle Lovett

So I could sing and pray But something quite unusual Happened on that day Now church it started right on […]

God Will – Lyle Lovett

When you’ve been cheating And spending your nights on the town And who keeps on saying that he still wants […]

Sonja – Lyle Lovett

At picking up women But this life that I live Is not one that I choose She was a waitress […]

Simple Song – Lyle Lovett

You see the moon and watch it rise Across the continent the night bird sings And somewhere someone hears its […]

Baltimore – Lyle Lovett

Lord can’t you hear me screaming As a young man long ago When I was twenty-one And I know I’ve […]

Skinny Legs – Lyle Lovett

He’s got skinny legs like I always wanted A girlfreind in his car ’cause he’s got Skinny legs like I […]

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