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Paul’s Song – M. Ward

And the concierges they meet you with a frown When I come to town I ain’t gonna’ lie to you Well, every town is all the same You say: “how does it feel to be travelling? How’s it feel to live your life on a train? And the aeroplane?” Well, I ain’t gonna lie to […]

Post-war – M. Ward

You say yeah but this is now and that was then Put a dollar into the machine and you’ll remember when I know when everything feels wrong I’ve got some hard, hard proof in this song I’ll know when everything feels right Some lucky night Some lucky night Say the money just ain’t what it […]

Here Comes The Sun Again – M. Ward

Ranches and ranch hands are bowing too And I’m taking off my straw hat for you, singing Here comes the sun again And the leaves on the trees they all call out your name, Chrome on the freight line shines the same, And the stars in their cars roll their tops down for you, singing […]

Magic Trick – M. Ward

Sometimes without goodbye Sometimes without hello She’s got one magic trick Just one and that’s it Oh she disappears It’s like, now you see her, now you don’t You think you’re gonna get to know her now, well you won’t She’s got one magic trick Just one and that’s it Oh she disappears It’s like, […]

I’ll Be Your Bird – M. Ward

I’m not the first hit when you got it bad. I’m not your second, I’m not your third, I’ll be your bird. I’m not your Chesnutt, I’m not your Mould, I’m not your DJ on late night radio, I’ll be the first one to ask where you were, I’ll be your bird. Then when there’s […]

Big Boat – M. Ward

A high roller And everybody knows its name Oh, it’s a big boat and it pumps up the poor boys pride Says he’s got a big boat But it’s just a fairy boat and that makes for a short, short ride Says he’s got a big boat A wide load Enough to bring the party […]

Rollercoaster – M. Ward

You got heavy metal wings You could make a dead man scream You’re like a rollercoaster Rollercoaster, we was the best of times Rollercoaster, we was the worst of times too Because you lift me up so high high high It’s the most unbelievable ride You’re like a rollercoaster You give me heavy metal dreams […]

Radio Campaign – M. Ward

By my head ache blues. And i got pulled by the pull of the tide. I got stripped of my soul, Standing in my shoes, Come back, come back My little peace of mind Come back, come back My little peace of mind Since the day you been gone, I cannot keep from crying. Come […]