Performer M WARD

Deep Dark Well – M. Ward

It’s a deep, dark well It’s the deepest and the darkest well that i have ever found Hear me calling […]

Hi-fi – M. Ward

That you ain’t got space to fill What you gonna do with your time now You ain’t got time to […]

Fuel For Fire – M. Ward

I’ve travelled all kinds of places The song is always the same Got lonesome fuel for fire Got forty-fives to […]

To Go Home – M. Ward

Hope it be my mind won’t slip Sailing on a sinking ship Into the sunset and back Dark night on […]

One Life Away – M. Ward

Listening to the sound Of the living people walking up and down the graves Well one of them is mine […]

Requiem – M. Ward

And he clapped with his hands He summoned all of his joy when he laughed It suffered all of his […]

Paul’s Song – M. Ward

And the concierges they meet you with a frown When I come to town I ain’t gonna’ lie to you […]

Post-war – M. Ward

You say yeah but this is now and that was then Put a dollar into the machine and you’ll remember […]

Magic Trick – M. Ward

Sometimes without goodbye Sometimes without hello She’s got one magic trick Just one and that’s it Oh she disappears It’s […]

Big Boat – M. Ward

A high roller And everybody knows its name Oh, it’s a big boat and it pumps up the poor boys […]

Rollercoaster – M. Ward

You got heavy metal wings You could make a dead man scream You’re like a rollercoaster Rollercoaster, we was the […]