Performer MACABRE

Disease – Macabre

With a disease The doctor said you will be dead By the time you’re 30 Well if they find a […]

Konerak – Macabre

Roamed Away From His Home Then Jeffrey Offered Him Money If He’d Take Off His Clothes And Pose He Drugged […]

Fishtales – Macabre

Where young kids would end up in his belly He ate kids like a fish would eat plankton With a […]

I Need To Kill – Macabre

I’ll make you scream Catch you all alone and Then you’re dead I’m going to shatter All your dreams Filling […]

Trampled To Death – Macabre

And the people there trampled you You were underneath their shoes There was nothing you could do Trampled to death […]

Mcmassacre – Macabre

To eat a hamburger The next thing you know It’s time for your murder The McDonaldland killer Pops in by […]

In The Army Now – Macabre

Was Stationed In West Germany He Drank So Much Alcohol That He Got A Dishonorable Discharge Jeff’s In The Army […]

Blood Bank – Macabre

Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah With His Combat Medic Skills Jeff […]

Grandmother’s House – Macabre

The Drunken Behavior She Couldn’t Condone Jeff’s Grandma Was Supposed To Straighten Him Out The Gospel Combined With Hard Work […]

Ed Gein – Macabre

My stew will be made out of you I eat women, I’m a cannibal And a necrophiliac too I make […]