Mad To Be Normal – Massacra

Betwwen joy end pain
I won’t show you how I feel,
The life you’re leading is fake

Why should I stay watching outside
And takingyour shit as a guide
Cold like a snake, blind for a day
My soul is telling me how to swallow my pride
What’s right or wrong, among the strong
What if there’s nothing to throw out
Empty again, already sick
What if there’s no more to talk about

The party’s over, the die is cast
It makes me feel the taste of shame
Am I guilty, blindly confused
Well I really know your little game
Suffering inside, don’t want to fight
In your polite society
Blessed for ever, eager to say
Pain in your twisted reality

I won’t go back, you’re far behind
I feel so down to have been with you
Fading away, I hurt for them

Lyric Mad To Be Normal – Massacra