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Express Yourself – Madonna

Come on girls Do you believe in love? ’cause i got something to say about it And it goes something like this Chorus: Don’t go for second best baby Put your love to the test You know, you know, you’ve got to Make him express how he feels And maybe then you’ll know your love […]

Rescue Me – Madonna

I believe in the power of love I’m singing, i’m singing I believe that you can rescue me With you i’m not a little girl, with you i’m not a man When all the hurt inside of me comes out, you understand You see that i’m ferocious, you see that i am weak You see […]

I’m Going Bananas – Madonna

I’m going bananas, And i feel like my poor little mind is being devoured by piranhas, For i’m going bananas. I’m non compos mentes, And i feel like a tooth being drilled, a nerve being killed by a dentist, For i’m non compos mentes. Who knows? Could be the tropic heat Or something that i […]

Don’t You Know? – Madonna

You, you make my life much bright, baby You’re always on my mind Don’t you know you, you make my load much light, baby True love is ours to find You came along when i was losing my way You touched my heart and now i’m ready to say That all your sweetness callin’ back […]

Promise To Try – Madonna

Laughing away your tears When she was the one who felt all the pain Little girl never forget her eyes Keep them alive inside I promise to try — it’s not the same Keep your head held high — ride like the wind Never look behind, life isn’t fair That’s what you said, so i […]

Angel – Madonna

Every time you’re around And my sadness disappears Every time you are near Bridge: You must be an angel I can see it in your eyes Full of wonder and surprise And just now i realize Chorus: Oooh you’re an angel Oooh you’re an angel Oooh you’re an angel In disguise, i can see it […]

Impressive Instant – Madonna

Nothing out there looks the same You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for I don’t even know your name I’m in a trance I’m in a trance Cosmic systems intertwine Astral bodies drip like wine All of nature ebbs and flows Comets shoot across the sky Can’t explain the reasons why This is how […]

Pretender – Madonna

He’s a pretender, yeah you meet him every day He’s a pretender, that fish that got away He’s a pretender, why’d i fall in love It was so strange the way he held my hand I wanted more than just a one night stand He had a way of making me believe That he was […]

Love Profusion – Madonna

There is not one solution There is no resurrection There is so much confusion And the love profusion You make me feel You make me know And the love vibration You make me feel You make it shine There are too many options There is no consolation I have lost my illusions What I want […]

More – Madonna

Which was fine with me. Because i had rhythm, music, love, The sun, the stars and the moon above, Had the clear blue sky and the deep blue sea. That was when the best things in life were free. Then time went by and now i got plenty of plenty, Which is fine with me. […]

Keep It Together – Madonna

Keep people together forever and ever I got brothers, i got some sisters too Stuck in the middle tell you what i’m gonna do Gonna get out of here, i’m gonna leave this place So i can forget every single hungry face I’m tired of sharing all the hand me downs To get attention i […]

Secret Garden – Madonna

Chorus: Rain, feel it on my finger tips Hear it on my window pane Your love’s coming down like Rain, wash away my sorrow Take away my pain Your love’s coming down like rain When your lips are burning mine And you take the time to tell me how you feel When you listen to […]

Candy Perfume Girl – Madonna

Devour me when you’re with me Blue wish window seas Speak delicious fires I’m your candy perfume girl Your candy perfume girl Moist warm desire Fly to me I’m your candy perfume girl Your candy perfume girl I’m your candy perfume girl Candy, candy Rush me ghost you see Every center my home Fever steam […]

Like A Virgin – Madonna

Somehow i made it through Didn’t know how lost i was Until i found you I was beat incomplete I’d been had, i was sad and blue But you made me feel Yeah, you made me feel Shiny and new Chorus: Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like a virgin When your […]

True Blue – Madonna

Hey! What? Listen… I’ve had other guys I’ve looked into their eyes But I never knew love before ‘Til you walked through my door I’ve had other lips I’ve sailed a thousand ships But no matter where I go You’re the one for me baby this I know, ’cause it’s Chorus: True love You’re the […]

Rainbow High – Madonna

Than simply get the message through I haven’t started Let’s get this show on the road Let’s make it obvious Peron is off and rolling Male chorus: Eyes, hair, mouth, figure, dress, voice, style, movement, hands, magic, rings, glamour, face, diamons, excitement, image Eva: I came from the people they need to adore me So […]

Borderline – Madonna

I don’t want to be your prisoner so baby won’t you set me free Stop playing with my heart Finish what you start When you make my love come down If you want me let me know Baby let it show Honey don’t you fool around Just try to understand, i’ve given all i can, […]

I’d Rather Be Your Lover – Madonna

I could be your sister, i could be your mother We could be friends, i’d even be your brother But i’d rather be your lover That’s right, i’d rather be your lover I don’t know where i stand with you I never ever make any plans with you I don’t know what i mean to […]

Jump – Madonna

The more time that I wait, the more time that I waste I havent got much time to waste It’s time to make my way I’m not afraid of what i’ll face But I’m afraid to stay I’m going down my own road and I can make it alone I’ll work and I’ll fight till […]

Where’s The Party – Madonna

Takes up all of my time If I can get to the weekend Everything will work out just fine That’s when I can go crazy That’s when I can have fun Time to be with my baby Time to come undone Chorus: Where’s the party [where’s the party] I want to free my soul Where’s […]

Beautiful Stranger – Madonna

You’re some kind of beautiful stranger You could be good for me I have a taste for danger If I’m smart then I’ll run away But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay Heaven forbid I take my chance on a beautiful stranger I looked into your eyes And my world came tumbling down You’re […]

Eva And Magaldi/Eva Beware Of The City – Madonna

Could love a poor little nothing like me I wanna be a part of B. A. Buenos Aires Big Apple Chorus: She wants to be a part of B. A. Buenos Aires Big Apple Che: Just listen to that They’re on to you Magaldi I’d get out while you can Eva: It’s happened at last […]

On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada II – Madonna

Submit Date 2001-12-07 Requests 1 Rating 0.00 (0 votes) Submit Corrections Submit Other Lyrics From Madonna ——————————————————————————– Eva: Just listen to that the voice of Argentina We are adored we are loved Statesman: Statesmanship is more than entertaining peasants Eva’s mother: We shall see little man Crowd: Evita Peron la Santa Peronista (chanting continues) Eva: […]

Push – Madonna

You push me when it’s difficult to smile You push me, a better version of myself You push me, only you and no one else You push me to see the other point of view You push me when there’s nothing else to do You push me when I think I know it all You […]

Frozen – Madonna

You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You’re frozen When your heart’s not open You’re so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You’re broken When your heart’s not open Chorus: Mmmmmm, if I could melt […]

Has To Be – Madonna

I say a little prayer How the gods above Could be so unfair Chorus: I know there’s someone out there Waiting for me There must be someone out there There just has to be Go on, go on Don’t sit there like a fool You’ve graduated from A different kind of school (chorus, repeat) I […]

Paradise (Not For Me) – Madonna

When I was young I can’t explain If it was wrong My life goes on But not the same Into your eyes My face remains [I’ve been so high] I’ve been so down [Up to the skies] Down to the ground I was so blind I could not see Your paradise Is not for me […]

Stay (’81) – Madonna

Am i just dreaming or did you walk through my door? Do you still feel the same way that you did before? Did you come to bring me sorrow? Like all those wasted days Let’s not think about tomorrow You can stay Am i just dreaming or did you say you have to go? If […]

Waltz For Eva And Che – Madonna

Before turning my back on the past Forgive my impertinent behavior But how long do you think this pantomime can last Tell me before I ride off in the sunset There’s one thing I never got clear How can you claim your our savior When those who oppose you are stepped on or cut up […]

Laugh To Keep From Crying – Madonna

Oh, i don’t have no privacy The only thing that’s mine Is what’s inside of me When i’ve had enough A little voice inside It says you’ve got to be tough You’ve got to take it in stride Sometimes i am foolish I let it get the best of me At least i know that […]

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