Performer MADONNA

Shanti/Ashtangi – Madonna

Sandarsita svatma sukhavabodhe Nihsreyase jangalikayamane Sansara halahala moha santyai Hala hala Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi Dharinam […]

X-Static Process – Madonna

I’m not myself standing in a crowd I’m not myself and I don’t know how I’m not myself, myself right […]

Crimes Of Passion – Madonna

Crimes of passion Give me such a sweet reaction Oh, crimes of passion Give me so much satisfaction Don’t play […]

I Know It – Madonna

These tears i cry for you are so hopeless, yeah I don’t know why i thought that we were going […]

Material Girl – Madonna

I think they’re o. k. If they don’t give me proper credit I just walk away They can beg and […]

Erotica – Madonna

That if you have to ask for something more than once or twice It wasn’t yours in the first place […]

Spanish Eyes – Madonna

Though i wish him back, i know he cannot see My hands trembling, i know he hears me sing Chorus: […]

White Heat – Madonna

A copper. How do ya like that boys, a copper. And we went for it, I went for it Treated […]

Love Song – Madonna

Are you wasting my time, are you just being kind Oh no baby my love isn’t blind Are you wasting […]

Fever – Madonna

I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you Is it me or you that i’m afraid of […]

Everybody – Madonna

I know you’ve been waiting, yeah I’ve been watching you, yeah I know you wanna get up, yeah Come on […]

Waiting – Madonna

Thinking about a friend of mine He was only 23 Gone before he had his time It came without a […]

Jimmy Jimmy – Madonna

Jimmy Jimmy, oh, Jimmy Jimmy Where you goin’ boy, I see your legs twitchin’ Jimmy Jimmy, oh Jimmy Jimmy My […]

Music – Madonna

Hey Mister D. J. Put a record on I wanna dance with my baby Do you like to boogie-woogie Do […]

Rain – Madonna

Words, they cut like a knife Cut into my life I don’t want to hear your words They always attack […]

How High – Madonna

(How much fortune can you make) (How high are the stakes) (How much fortune can you make) It’s funny, I […]

Buenos Aires – Madonna

Album Evita Soundtrack (Part 1) Submit Date 2001-12-07 Requests 1 Rating 0.00 (0 votes) Submit Corrections Submit Other Lyrics From […]

Take A Bow – Madonna

This masquerade is getting older Light are low, the curtains down There’s no one here [there’s no one here, there’s […]

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