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Beautiful Stranger – Madonna

You’re some kind of beautiful stranger You could be good for me I have a taste for danger If I’m smart then I’ll run away But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay Heaven forbid I take my chance on a beautiful stranger I looked into your eyes And my world came tumbling down You’re […]

Eva And Magaldi/Eva Beware Of The City – Madonna

Could love a poor little nothing like me I wanna be a part of B. A. Buenos Aires Big Apple Chorus: She wants to be a part of B. A. Buenos Aires Big Apple Che: Just listen to that They’re on to you Magaldi I’d get out while you can Eva: It’s happened at last […]

On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada II – Madonna

Submit Date 2001-12-07 Requests 1 Rating 0.00 (0 votes) Submit Corrections Submit Other Lyrics From Madonna ——————————————————————————– Eva: Just listen to that the voice of Argentina We are adored we are loved Statesman: Statesmanship is more than entertaining peasants Eva’s mother: We shall see little man Crowd: Evita Peron la Santa Peronista (chanting continues) Eva: […]

Push – Madonna

You push me when it’s difficult to smile You push me, a better version of myself You push me, only you and no one else You push me to see the other point of view You push me when there’s nothing else to do You push me when I think I know it all You […]

Frozen – Madonna

You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You’re frozen When your heart’s not open You’re so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You’re broken When your heart’s not open Chorus: Mmmmmm, if I could melt […]

Has To Be – Madonna

I say a little prayer How the gods above Could be so unfair Chorus: I know there’s someone out there Waiting for me There must be someone out there There just has to be Go on, go on Don’t sit there like a fool You’ve graduated from A different kind of school (chorus, repeat) I […]

Paradise (Not For Me) – Madonna

When I was young I can’t explain If it was wrong My life goes on But not the same Into your eyes My face remains [I’ve been so high] I’ve been so down [Up to the skies] Down to the ground I was so blind I could not see Your paradise Is not for me […]

Stay (’81) – Madonna

Am i just dreaming or did you walk through my door? Do you still feel the same way that you did before? Did you come to bring me sorrow? Like all those wasted days Let’s not think about tomorrow You can stay Am i just dreaming or did you say you have to go? If […]

Waltz For Eva And Che – Madonna

Before turning my back on the past Forgive my impertinent behavior But how long do you think this pantomime can last Tell me before I ride off in the sunset There’s one thing I never got clear How can you claim your our savior When those who oppose you are stepped on or cut up […]

Laugh To Keep From Crying – Madonna

Oh, i don’t have no privacy The only thing that’s mine Is what’s inside of me When i’ve had enough A little voice inside It says you’ve got to be tough You’ve got to take it in stride Sometimes i am foolish I let it get the best of me At least i know that […]

Forbidden Love – Madonna

Was all it took to seal the future Just one look from your eyes Was like a certain kind of torture Once upon a time There was a boy and there was a girl Just one touch from your hands Was all it took to make me falter Forbidden love, are we supposed to be […]

Bedtime Story – Madonna

They’ve gone out, lost their meaning Don’t function anymore Let’s, let’s, let’s get unconscious honey Let’s get unconscious honey Today is the last day that i’m using words They’ve gone out, lost their meaning Don’t function anymore Traveling, leaving logic and reason Traveling, to the arms of unconsciousness Traveling, leaving logic and reason Traveling, to […]

Words – Madonna

Waiting for my finest hour In my secret garden, i still believe after all I still believe and i fall You plant the seed and i’ll watch it grow I wonder when i’ll start to show I wonder if i’ll ever know Where my place is Where my face is I know it’s in here […]

A New Argentina – Madonna

Would be presidents are all around I don’t say they mean harm but they’d each give an arm To see us six feet underground Eva: It doesn’t matter what those morons say Our nation’s leaders are a feeble crew There’s only 20 of them anyway What is 20 next to millions who are looking to […]

One More Chance – Madonna

I fell asleep and never saw the sun go down I took your love for granted Thought luck was always on my side I turned around too late and you were gone Chorus: So give me one more chance Darlin’ if you care for me Let me win your love ‘Cause you were always there […]

Another Suitcase In Another Hall – Madonna

Never fool myself that my dreams will come true Being used to trouble I anticipate it But all the same I hate it Wouldn’t you So what happens now (another suitcase in another hall) So what happens now (take your picture off another wall) Where am I going to (you’ll get by you always have […]

Now I’m Following You – Madonna

I’ll go anywhere that you step to, ’cause i’m following you. My feet might be falling out of rhythm, Don’t know what i’m doing with them, but i know i’m following you. Unlikely as it is to me, on the floor with two left feet Let’s boogie woogie till our hearts skip a beat, but […]

Little Star – Madonna

Little star Never forget how to dream Butterfly God gave a present to me Made of flesh and bones My life, my soul You make my spirit whole Never forget who you are Little star Shining brighter than all the stars in the sky Never forget how to dream Butterfly Never forget where you come […]

Live To Tell – Madonna

Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well I was not ready for the fall Too blind to see the writing on the wall Chorus: A man can tell a thousand lies I’ve learned my lesson well Hope i live to tell The secret i have learned, ’till then It will burn inside of […]

Goodnight And Thank You – Madonna

Album Evita Soundtrack (Part 1) Submit Date 2001-12-07 Requests 1 Rating 0.00 (0 votes) Submit Corrections Submit Other Lyrics From Madonna ——————————————————————————– Che: Goodnight and thank you Huevo She’s in every magazine Been photographed seen She is known We don’t like to rush but your case has been packed If we’ve missed anything You could […]

Inside Of Me – Madonna

The things we used to do The secrets we once shared I’ll always find them there In my memories But this heartache isn’t going anywhere In the public eye i act like i don’t care When there’s no one watching me I’m crying Chorus: I will always have you, inside of me Even though you’re […]

Charity Concert/The Art Of Possible – Madonna

On this night On this night of a thousand stars Let me take you to Heaven’s door Where the music of love’s guitars Plays forevermore Eva: Magaldi Magaldi: Eva Duarte Eva: Your act hasn’t changed much Magaldi: Neither has yours Peron: I stand here as a servant of the people As we come together for […]

He’s A Man – Madonna

Makes dick a dull dull boy, career gets in the way. Square jaw, ooo, such a handsome face, Why do you have to save the human race? Life of crime, no it never pays, Clean up the streets and make your secret get-away. All alone, in your room with your radio, No one to hold […]

Lucky Star – Madonna

’cause you shine on me wherever you are I just think of you and i start to glow And i need your light And baby you know Chorus: Starlight, starbright first star i see tonight Starlight, [starbright] make everything all right Starlight, starbright first star i see tonight Starlight, [starbright] yeah You must be my […]

Future Lovers – Madonna

I’m gonna tell you about love Let’s forget your life Forget your problems Administration, bills, and loans Come with me In the evidence of its brilliance In the evidence of its brilliance In the evidence of its brilliance In the evidence of its brilliance Spoken: In the demonstration of this evidence Some have call it […]

Mer Girl – Madonna

From the man that I cannot keep From my mother who haunts me, even though she’s gone From my daughter that never sleeps I ran from the noise and the silence From the traffic on the streets I ran to the treetops, I ran to the sky Out to the lake, into the rain that […]

Skin – Madonna

Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I’ve said before? [Put your hand on my skin] [Put your hand on my skin] [Put your hand on my skin] Kiss me, I’m dying Put your hand on my […]

I love New York – Madonna

But I like New York Other places make me feel like a dork Los Angels is for people who sleep Paris and London, baby you can’t keep Other cities always make me mad Other places always make me sad No other city ever made me glad Except New York I love New York I love […]

Don’t Tell Me – Madonna

Tell the rain not to drop Tell the wind not to blow ‘Cause you said so, mmm Tell the sun not to shine Not to get up this time, no, no Let it fall by the way But don’t leave me where I lay down Chorus: Tell me love isn’t true It’s just something that […]

Think Of Me – Madonna

I feel like i’m always trackin’ you down I don’t wanna point my finger at you But there’s something you’re forgettin’ Here’s what you better do, you better Chorus: Think of me I know you want to baby Think of me It won’t be long before you Think of me ’cause i’ll be gone and […]

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