Magnificat (Irenicon) – Benediction

Consummate spirits ne’er follow the lie
Open your heart towards that your mind feels
Death is to conquer all that is surreal
Fortune’s enlightenment, hopeful rays of light
Dramatic abundance, shattering the night
Grow biting conflict, halted to an end
The future is certain, the hope we defend
Up holding the righteous, onward march begun
Deftly remoulding a darkened vision
Strength within unity, mind linking mind
Enveloping beauty, the next humankind
The filth that we all have to climb through
The filth we have to take
Suffering it evermore
Irenicon the wake

“My soul doth magnify……
……my spirit has rejoiced
……remembrance of……mercy…
to his seed forever……”
Yet they lead us to the slaughter
Like they lead a horse to water

Lyric Magnificat (Irenicon) – Benediction