Performer MAINE THE

Whoever She Is – Maine

My car got stolen and I’m gonna be late If it weren’t the same curb at 4th something But I’m […]

Time To Go – Maine

I’ve got the keys, baby you’re so gone It’s time to go, so put on all your clothes We’re running […]

Shake It – Maine

not even you. I’ve got an old suitcase full of my old ways but I tossed it away and I […]

The Way We Talk – Maine

She’s fresh to death, She’ll be the death of you, Seduction leads to destruction. She’s fresh to death, She’ll be […]

This Is The End – Maine

I’m dodging words, but she’s saying the right lines She made me, made me oh so crazy But this time […]

Give Me Anything – Maine

And you’re loving every second of attention. I need to find just some way to get through, Or at least […]

You Left Me – Maine

And now I see you as I should of from the start Oh, you left me with nothing but a […]

Daisy – Maine

I was taken back, yeah i was taken back, and by the time i caught my breath, you had blossomed […]

Into Your Arms – Maine

She had it all figured out. (Had it all figured out) And I’ll state something rash. She had the most […]

I Must Be Dreaming – Maine

Judging by the faces that she’s making. And I think she’s pretty. But pretty’s just part of the things she […]

We’ll All Be… – Maine

Where everybody knows your name, and they’re smiling We may not be gettin’ younger, our days might be slippin’ away […]