Mass Graves – Malevolent Creation

Annul a race, destroy a kind I’ll take their land, I won’t lose mine Murder honored (misprinted as “honered” in CD liner notes?), peace is quelled Death or dishonor, spirit melts Pushing on, fire fight Limbs on the ground, blinded sight Piercing slug, piercing scream Spraying blood, my enemy Setting sights to take lives To […]

Bone Exposed – Malevolent Creation

Grabbing repent Clutching remorse Sins that are breathed Sins at your source Dumped blood upon the ground Soaked up integrity Broken limbs, broken screams Spitting out obscenity Disregard all life Take fast make strikes Tearing flesh to bone Nothing left, no moans Planted bodies, shallow graves Rotted flesh, nostril craves Abandoned hope and soul Trapped […]

Rictus Surreal – Malevolent Creation

No wake, from this sleep Still see, the empty gaze Still see, the faceless teeth Rictus surreal Locked in unfettered embrace How is this so real Why now, the grin still says Rictus surreal Horror explodes filling the soul No betrayal of face contorted it stays Can’t I take the eyes, staring at nothing Don’t […]

Prophecy – Malevolent Creation

Will of God slain Assailants born to wreck his world Inhuman rage Madman gaining profit Delivering desease This twisted achievement Now belongs to me I will make you bleed Killing in my game No mercy don’t care Shred humanity Disregard…… Egoistical Don’t want to die in shame Future world condemned Heartless rulers to blame Cold […]

To Kill – Malevolent Creation

Over wart, wrest, abusion Misused, twisted faith Urgeful lust to prevail Master of this reign Madness Frenzy, a madman’s wrath Furious maniac Forced to an abundant rage Malpractice, hostile acts Thoughts, forcing them into your brain Insane, malicious ill willed being Grudge, a virulent disorder Hatred to those who oppose your fate Hate Deranged evildoer […]

Narcotic Genocide – Malevolent Creation

Don’t see what you’ve become Your life thrown away on a stupid drug Scum of the earth No consideretion Taking not giving Lost in your addiction A fix, all you need Time to get some smack Next thing you know Now you’re smoking crack Lying to all Just want to score Worhless user craving for […]

Premature Burial – Malevolent Creation

Deceased before I am dead, denounced since birth. Alone in this dark void, left to deal with my fear. No way to escape the embrace of the dead. Body nnumb does not respond, my mind sees all. Coroner tags me for burial, ignoring life’s call. My body left to rot yet the blood still flows. […]

Self-Important Freak – Malevolent Creation

You’re the leader of the asshole race Lying your way to the throne of shame Sure to die in pain No longer willing to pay For the losers and the takers You have sealed your own fate Prepare yourself now For the ultimate beating On your knees Taste the ground, lowered to defeat Why did […]

Remnants Of Withered Decay – Malevolent Creation

Remnants strewn upon the ground, drag the carcass withered and brown, sockets crushed powder remaining on the black puss, undead are preying. Pulling at the fragments of existence, suicide for those who cannot relatiate, coagulated limbs tiredly twist and tear at the purpose to mutilate. Straggling across the charred earthen floor. All are dead few […]

Blood Brothers – Malevolent Creation

Nightfall beckons Our gathering Stronger we grow Together as one Unceasing will to live To take life, not give We’ve killed before We’ll kill again Animals we are Not men Life is the key to immortality In the end there can only be one Partners in crime forever `Til death do us part Seeking gain […]

Compulsive – Malevolent Creation

Everyone that you betrayed all your words mean nothing I ignore the things you say Full of ignorance Blow out of proportion King of nothing compulsive lying trash Dr. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde Always talking shit disregard for others Living in sin Two faced backstabber Running out of tricks One day they will hit you Like […]

To Die Is At Hand – Malevolent Creation

Scoff at the bloodloss No feeling of repulsion Grabbing at insanity Life is your illusion You will die, I will not cry I will live, you will not You will die, I will not cry Black expands dying’s at hand Stand firm upon battlements Many fall orders followed Weak die embarrassment Heroes’ names are hallowed […]

Thou Shall Kill! – Malevolent Creation

Ignorance of life, to reach with insanity bred to strike. Once sacrilege, to take the life of another. Now common practice, to kill all others. Sadistic ways, portrayal of death done. Hands grasp at wounds, ongoing penetration. Deception, plays the role in this game. Domination, powertrip fools fall to blame. Washing your hands in stale […]

Ethnic Cleansing – Malevolent Creation

Taking life to save face Turning on a life Force to kill to survive Prisoner of war Sentenced to die to settle a score Spewing forth the lies Silence your scorn, silence your cries It never ends, the greed for power Conquering lands, declaring all die Until the end, never falter Perform the task, just […]

No Flesh Shall Be Spared – Malevolent Creation

Bullet finds it’s path, television contracts. Contagious, the art of violence. Relinquish society’s doctrine. The blood spills, smeared on the walls of life. Humanity ignoring these calls. Murder so popular in these turbulent times. Spectator sport, anticipation of the crime. The masses hinged on the stroke of a knife. It’s not if they died but […]

Preyed Upon – Malevolent Creation

No fear of reprisal Murder of thousands Need flesh to survive Cannibal species Bring human decay Carnivorous activity Unspeakable acts Impregnated slave Unborn child beaten Bred to obey Mankind now defeated Garnage littered grounds Stripped of flesh completely To feast upon the slain Cruor need to bleeding Readiness to consume The blood of your next […]

Injected Sufferage – Malevolent Creation

Transfusion of your fluids brings on deficient death. Useless is your attempt to avoid the casual lay. There goes your skin out from under your teeth, Welcome to the world of Aids. Injected sufferage. Lay around, wait to die, can’t take the pain, want to die. Euthanasia, your final plea, don’t want to live, don’t […]

They Breed – Malevolent Creation

Born into this world of filth A plague in every city The real world in not so real Filled with scum and lying thieves Threats of pain, claiming lives When we owe you nothing Forced to live in fear forever Still they breed Always wanting, always taking What was never yours Someday you will feel […]

Hideous Reprisal – Malevolent Creation

Broken hide, torn back skin Drown in blood and pain Mangled, malignity Innards manifest Tendons, peel back Carnage ripped Muscles flap, nerve ends shriek Spine torn from your brain Mangled…… ………..carnage ripped Trash Vile stench, shredded vein Blue pus spewing pure Dislocate, broken legs Mutilated form Rip, splore Broken hide…… ……..blood and pain Muscles flap, […]

Infernal Desire – Malevolent Creation

Animal remains, mutilations Organs removed, homicide of humans Jugular veins, torn wide open Blood is drawn, High priest obeys Freedom of religion One law abused and raped Carcass filled maggots Stalking innocent life Become a believer Your soul, for them to make Pagan followers, looked down upon Cast forth in robes, alound they pray All […]

Decadence Within – Malevolent Creation

Holocaust claims the weak and feeble lives. Sickness wells, bursting within. No escape from the bludgeon, except to give in. Deep depression enters your mind. Premeditated oppression conquers all thought. Striving with little reason to be. A wretched subject of this cryptocracy. The wreath which is weaving, woven full of lies. Bore out of teachery, […]

The Fine Art Of Murder – Malevolent Creation

Swath of blood, shapes of the dead My mind transforms to canvas in my head Always striving set to achieve And execute the fine art of… Murder, murder, murder, murder The fine art of Swath of blood, shapes of the dead My mind transforms to canvas in my head Always striving set to achieve And […]

Eve Of The Apocalypse – Malevolent Creation

To step outside the boundaries of just the will to survive. Come inside, feel your life, slip from your grasp, to your religion you clasp. A fear that is new, pours into you, tearing your soul, release the unknown. Dethroning the old, crowning the young, rightful heir, the time has come. Religion has died. All […]

Monster – Malevolent Creation

Filling the lungs of minorities youth, coincidental connection? The sickness spreading, into their lives, free-base infecting. Who will pay for their lives? The gullible one grabs his gun, sticks it to your head. For a piece of smoking disease, squeeze the trigger until tour dead. Mind is thrown in disarray, for a vice, unconscious slay. […]

Iced – Malevolent Creation

to plan his kill, premeditate. Contracts are signed, victim dies, tools of the trade, build to slay, no detail left to careless thought. Relentless pursuit of accuracy, the touch of death, addicted needs. Whatever it takes to make you bleed, gunning for you now. Heed the call of his brain, self taught and killing trained, […]

Condemned – Malevolent Creation

Blind to a God who lets you suffer Redemption, begging for forgiveness Living a life of constant never ending pain Blinded by your beliefs Waiting to someone to save you Brain washed by religion Using a book to help you pray Fear the injection of artifical fluids Your faith will be your downfall I guess […]

Unearthly – Malevolent Creation

Made by the assemblers Clothed in carbon steel Fiber optics integrate Vengeance turned loose Put you out Of your misery Make you suffer For your treachery Vengeance served When you take a life Innocence avenged Suffer the consequence Strike Made by……. ………………..turned loose Hellfire Put you out….. ……suffer the consequence Rebirth Made by…….

Systematic Execution – Malevolent Creation

Tortured, various phases, in witness of family you die. Hot steel prods into your eyes. Executioner nods, optics spew. Tanks roll foreword claiming lives. Focus of death, nothing new. Innocent families left to die. Soldiers murder, God defied. Iron fist falls heavy with lust. Systematic execution. Playing God with his thoughts. No retribution. Forever the […]

The Way Of All Flesh – Malevolent Creation

No volue of life on earth Cries for help go unheard Will there be a rebirth Rotten corpse satisfies Immortality Hunger for black gratified Abhorent death reality Expression of art, killing machine Spreading shock and dread Sinister cackleof a razor shear Compose the works of red Unable to comprehend the stroke Just strike out in […]

Leech – Malevolent Creation

A burden to all Beyond help Waiting for your wake up call Don’t know your priorities Lost in depression It’s too late now To save you from yourself Don’t want to be a slave Lern to earn your way Opportunity In your face you don’t see Morals you receive No more dignity Living off others […]

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