Mare’s Nest – Atrox

So happy. What can I use you for – ogling, nestling, coddling? Keep up the spirit, enliven me, keep me alive, don’t let me die.
You’re beautiful as only you – Heebie-jeebies! – You blow bubble-flies into my belly. Have a glass of gastric juice, have it all.
I want to see you cry. I want to see you hurt. Let those tears flow. Shall I cut onions for your eyes? Let your tears flow.
Miss me, long for me, be desperate for me. You’re a jumping jack, you’re a golliwog. Maybe you don’t exist at all.
Warm hands when they’re numb of holding you so tight. Stay in your nest and I’ll put a flea in your ear.
Paroxysm – craving much. Cataclysm – giving much. You stay in your nest.

Lyric Mare’s Nest – Atrox