Maria – Rage Against The Machine

Touches the surface of sand
On Northern Land
As human contraband
Some Rico from Jalisco
Passed her name to tha boss
She stuffed ten to a truckbed
She clutches her cross
Here come tha exhaust
And it rips through her lungs
Shes off fast to tha pasture
Like cattle shell cross
Degree 106
Sweat and vomit are thrown
And she prays and suffocates
Upon the memories of home
Of Yanqui guns for blood debts on the loans
Of smoldering fields, rape, rubble and bones
Of graves hidden trapped up in visions of war
Of nothing, no one, nobody, no more
These are her mountains and skies and she radiates
And through historys rivers of blood she regenerates
And like tha sun disappears only to reappear
Shes eternally here
Her time is nearNever conquered but here

To tear away at the mask

And now she got a quota
Tha needle and thread crucifixion
Sold and shipped across tha new line
of Mason Dixon
Rippin through denim
Tha point an inch from her vein
Tha foreman approach
His steps now pound in her brain
His presence it terrifies
And eclipses her days
No minutes to rest
No moments to pray
And with a whisper
He whips her

Lyric Maria – Rage Against The Machine