Performer MARIO

Could U Be – Mario

And Nikki had those angel eyes that changed my mind the day she looked at me Then outta nowhere you […]

Holla Back – Mario

Sporting your daddy truck on 23s You are the finest girl I’ve ever seen And I wanna be in your […]

Boom – Mario

Juvenile and Mario pimping and we on deck so stay tune to ya programs cause we on next I wanna […]

Braid My Hair – Mario

a 15 year old, gettin his dough back and fourth to the studios hoppin outta limosines, rockin the latest jeans […]

18 – Mario

Is do me Feel me? Come on [Chorus] Next time y’all try to compare Remember I just turned 18 That […]

Just A Friend – Mario

I wanna know if you gotta man (I wanna know) I wanna know everything I wanna know ya number and […]

Call The Cops – Mario

Her conversation got the best of me when she said she gonna shut it down (shut it down) Look, I […]

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