Marooned – Running Wild

Fire. Fore and aft
Man the boats and put to the sea
Crashing yardarms – cries of pain
A will to live – a chance to flee
Panic on the boats to save
Stricken hands the first on board
Leading to eternal grave
Dragging down what they could hoard

Thirty days and night have I seen the brink of death
Troubled seas – my only friend
Drag me down – gasping for breath
Cursing eternal black
Bloodied by the dogs of war
Memories come clawing back
Treasured friends – their sight no more

Eternal cruise
I feel the fires of madness
Burning holes into my wounds
This hell on earth
I feel the power of sadness
No way out – I’m marooned

Lonely this hell on earth
Demons screaming in my mind
Wading thru debris of life
A thousand souls their graves to find
Flotsam with death on board
Bodies ripped until the bone
Nothing but the sounds of time
No sign of life – am I alone?

Eternal curse
I feel the fires of madness

Lyric Marooned – Running Wild