Category: MASSARI

Don’t Let Go – Massari

Artiste: Massari Chanson: Don’t Let Go Dont let go of my body shorty i know what u want what i can do from the back i can do from the front, yea so y u choosin to front forget your man wat i do in a day he couldnt do in a month and im […]

Show Me – Massari

Artiste: Massari Chanson: Show Me [Chorus] Why u lookin at me like u want me If she wasnt near me, upon me Damn girl why u acting lonely Didn’t you know that she’d be watching closely. Shoulda listened when my hommie told me Heard you’re tryin normally console me There’s alot of things you wanna […]

Rush The Floor – Massari

Artiste: Massari Chanson: Rush The Floor (feat. Belly) [Intro] Im’a make you rush the floor Fellas throw your hands up, Ladies touch your toes look, Im’a Bout to crush the flo If they dont let us in were gonna bust the door [Chorus] Ay yo, I know that your feelin to stay close First call […]

Who Knows – Massari

Artiste: Massari Chanson: Who Knows Somebody gotta tell me what tomorrow brings And now I feel my life is just another dream Even if i’m lost im gonna find a way And even if i’ll never see another day Just tell me what tomorrow brings.. My life’s been all the same I’m thinkin that it’ll […]

Find A Partner – Massari

Artiste: Massari Chanson: Find A Partner Lately i thought about it I love the thought of us together You know i got it Cant no one do you better Baby i thought about it Just kno that ill be there forever You want it than mami let me know Im feeling need of a partner […]