Masters Of All Evil – Count Raven

I tell you what is gonna come, it ain’t no fairy tale
There is a group of families that hold our destiny
In pact with the darkest one, they rule the economy
The metropolitan 400 they are called
But in the end the 7 families rule them all
Those families of evil, set all presidents to rule
But they are all just puppets, the masters’ favourite tools

The masters of all companies you can call them too
So much money it seems with it they don’t know what to do
For instance they financed the entire world war two
Or did you think that Hitler all alone could pull it through
But that occurance it is a story of its own
An attempt to get the darkest one much earlier on his throne
And the war against the jews it’s so very clear
Without them on this earth the proof of God wouldn’t be here
Would it??!!

You’re truly the masters of evil
Abomination the ultimate sin
Destroyers of earth and the father’s foundation
You’ll burn in hell ’cause it’s your dream

A thousand years of crying
All thos fears and denyings
The 7 families are here
The 7 years are near

Lyric Masters Of All Evil – Count Raven