Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia

cookin got a problem wit my style wwit tha click wit tha klan lames I don’t
understand if you feel dat ya real fuck a song grab da steal

(Juicey J)
theese snitching niggas claim we dealin
told them folks we pimpin women
but a nigga ain’t gone live it
locked up in a fed building
All in my fuckin face
All upin my fuckin case
I’m about to take some names
wildest gone get buck and hang
Haters we ain’t barin you
ya’ll then broke thae panic fuse
never have we been cool
Never have fucked wit you
Neither do you fuck wit me
On yo d’s or smoke yo tree’s
I’m about to make you bleed

(D. J. Paul)
Now some nigga’s downing me on some bitch’s mane I got model’s (hoe)
I blow all of yo insides up out you and make you hollow (hoe)

Lyric Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia