Meanwhile – Moody Blues

Just in a simple conversation
You can hear the feeling change
Like a river rrunning down
Down to the sea
And if you need an explanation
I defy you to explain
BUt something’s not the same
And it’s bothering me

I think we see where I went wrong
I think I see what’s going on
Meanwhile and far away
As the night draws in
He’s holding her right now
I can feel it all begin
Meanwhile and far away
When the day is done
I ride away my friend
Into the setting sun
And the rivers running down
Down to the sea

I let love slip right through my fingers
And I watched it drift away
But still I had to say
What was written for me

I thought I’d end up as the hero
Thought the glory would be mine
Very soon I was to find
It wasn’t to be
‘Cos in this part I’ve got to play
It doesn’t quite turn out that way

Meanwhile and far away

Lyric Meanwhile – Moody Blues