Evil – Merciful Fate

Under the sign of the moon Raised from my grave by the dead I was made a mercenary In the legions of hell Now I’m king of pain, I’m insane SOLO: HANK You know my only pleasure Is to hear you cry I’d love to hear you cry I’d love to feel you die And […]

Angel Of Light – Merciful Fate

I have seen Him there Master of Light, Master of the night Master of all the things that shine Chorus: Oh I believe… I believe in all that I have seen And I have seen the Angel Of Light I have seen the Angel Of Light… Lucifer I have seen Him there Deep down where […]

Sold My Soul – Merciful Fate

I…I sold my soul I sold my soul, and I sold yours too “To the Devil we’re due” Ohhh… I sold my soul That night was the darkest of all That night I sold my soul to you… to the Devil his due I sold my soul No point in turning around, there’s no way […]

Under The Spell – Merciful Fate

SOLO: Shermann There is something out there waiting for me With an evil glow There is something out there that will Never let me go Twisting, turning, I’m looking out for my soul Twisting, turning, I’m looking out for my soul I have seen the Southern witches, in the church of God I have seen […]

The Oath – Merciful Fate

By the symbols of the creator I swear henceforth to be A faithful servant of his most Puissant archangel The Prince Lucifer Whom the creator designated as his regent And I abjure the Christian faith Holding in contempt all of it’s works SOLO: M. DENNER, H. SHERMANN As a being now possessed of a human […]

Fifteen Men (and A Bottle Of Rum) – Merciful Fate

1640. The Caribbean Sea, the wind was just a breeze Heading for a Western shore, the barque was sailing East Close hauled into the eye The “Unicorn” was riding high on the tide And the rum went down their throats…with a twist of wine Just…after midnight, nobody saw the Antigua shore Just…after midnight, nobody heard […]

Buried Alive – Merciful Fate

The poison I slipped in your drink Never saw me, I am but a ghost Never saw your dangerous host Wake up… You’re still alive… Wake up and die All you can see in the darkness above Is the white in my eyes… I’m standing on the edge of your grave Looking down Into the […]

Fear – Merciful Fate

In the mirror…I have seen HIM And he scares me The creature…behind the mask I wear I know his name is FEAR In the mirror…He’s looking back at me I have to face him every day And I know him not so well, his name is FEAR So deep within, yet so far away I…wonder, […]

Nuns Have No Fun – Merciful Fate

She will be raped by an evil man Knock spikes through her hands Things won’t come she won’t understand You’re a nun you haven’t had no fun Living your life as virgin queen I’m gonna change it and I’ll get it done Tomorrow you won’t be a virgin queen C. U. N. T. that’s what […]

Egypt – Merciful Fate

Ahh… Egypt… Ahh Solo: Shermann O Thou of countless names Who are one and all things O Thou of countless names Without beginning, without end Ahh… Egypt… Ahh Osiris… Anubis… The underworld is yours Osiris… Anubis… I put my soul in your hands O Thou, God of the Dead Lead my soul to the judgement […]

A Gruesome Time – Merciful Fate

Everything is so strange in here And as I look through your eyes I can see what you’re thinking of me I am deep inside Deep inside your head, causing you pain Deep inside your head, causing you pain Eternal pain All your secrets are done my dear And as I look through your eyes […]

The Bell Witch – Merciful Fate

Back in Tennessee, I saw a family haunted by an entity It was a tragedy in another century Oh… They never would know the Evil One that came Little Betsy, the age of 12 Living in a dream The first one to scream Invisible hands leaving their mark in the dark Solo: Denner Night after […]

Church Of Saint Anne – Merciful Fate

Oh Father… did he speak to you? In the Church of Saint Anne Oh Father… your eyes could heal the sick Yeah, heal the sick Oh Father… no one could ever forget Oh Father… the night your eyes went black In the Church of Saint Anne Oh Father… God left you for dead It was […]

Insane – Merciful Fate

I see little demons, fightin in my bed Why did I go insane? Oh doctor kill the pain Screams in the night, I hear another one died Was it number 9, or was it me who cried Why did I go insane? Oh doctor kill the pain When I look in the mirror, my mind […]

Burn In Hell – Merciful Fate

In the name of Jesus in heaven… Ahhh There you stood with your soul in your hand Thinking… that God would understand Satan take him to where you dwell Satan take him to burn in hell Always were a believer You never thought of God as the Deceiver… Ahhh There you stood with your soul […]

The Afterlife – Merciful Fate

Solo: D Why am I here, in a quiet mortuary A lady and man, flowers in their hands Nobody sees me, I don’t understand Nobody hears me… Seems like I don’t exist Seems like no one can hear me as I… Scream I do not feel the way I used to be Could it really […]

Mirror – Merciful Fate

Solo: S The girl in the mirror, she’s not really there Only I can see her, in all her misery Chorus: The girl in the mirror, she’s caught in a spell The girl in the mirror, between Heaven and Hell Can’t you feel it, those haunting eyes She’s so devine, could be magic of a […]

The Preacher – Merciful Fate

You believe in Heaven You believe the Devil is here When you ring your demon bell You think I’ll en up in Hell Chorus: Oh yeah you’re the Preacher You’re the Devil You’re the Preacher Hiding in the Underworld, that’s you I can’t wait to see your final show Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna miss […]

Deadtime – Merciful Fate

“Lie down in your dead little baby You know it’s getting late Listen to this deadtime story And hold on to your head” And it’s wasy past her deadtime…the night has just died Little blood red Riding Hood was passing through the woods A basket full of poisoned fruit She’s absolutely way to cute And […]

The Univited Guest – Merciful Fate

SOLO: Shermann There’s a little old man…standing by my window There’s a little old man…hiding in the shadows The univited guest, could never have been a friend The univited guest, he would never come back again There’s a little old man…I’d say he looks like Misery There’s a little old man…I could really use his […]

The Mad Arab – Merciful Fate

PART ONE: THE VISION The son of a shepherd, Abdul Alhazred Travelling in the mountains, the mountains to the east One night before him, there stood that giant rock 3 symbols carved in blood He built a fire at its root To protect him from the wolves… The Mad Arab… He would understand The Mad […]