Time – Merciful Fate

Minutes and seconds are passing us by Minutes and seconds are passing us by Time… Time Minutes and seconds are […]

The Grave – Merciful Fate

That’s where they say the Devil, the Devil is always near Come to the Grave The Grave that comes alive, […]

Gypsy – Merciful Fate

This magic winter night I see a light Again I hear that tune, some sort of croon Oh no, no, […]

Shadows – Merciful Fate

When the darkness eats away the day And the moon bears witness to the graves In the shadows we are […]

Devil Eyes – Merciful Fate

I’ll take you to hell, You’re inside my spell In Lucifer’s mirror, And I am his killer I’m devil eyes […]

My Demon – Merciful Fate

This house is full of hate, this house is full of madness This house is deep insane, this house was […]

Since Forever – Merciful Fate

On this cold and windy Sunday I’m sitting here alone…It’s Autumn I’m looking at a yellow picture You have been […]

Mandrake – Merciful Fate

Poisonous Mandrake, you dangerous root One of the three fares, when a man’s time has come You look so human, […]

Evil – Merciful Fate

Under the sign of the moon Raised from my grave by the dead I was made a mercenary In the […]

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