Devil Eyes – Merciful Fate

I’ll take you to hell, You’re inside my spell In Lucifer’s mirror, And I am his killer I’m devil eyes […]

My Demon – Merciful Fate

This house is full of hate, this house is full of madness This house is deep insane, this house was […]

Since Forever – Merciful Fate

On this cold and windy Sunday I’m sitting here alone…It’s Autumn I’m looking at a yellow picture You have been […]

Mandrake – Merciful Fate

Poisonous Mandrake, you dangerous root One of the three fares, when a man’s time has come You look so human, […]

Evil – Merciful Fate

Under the sign of the moon Raised from my grave by the dead I was made a mercenary In the […]

The Oath – Merciful Fate

By the symbols of the creator I swear henceforth to be A faithful servant of his most Puissant archangel The […]

Fear – Merciful Fate

In the mirror…I have seen HIM And he scares me The creature…behind the mask I wear I know his name […]

Egypt – Merciful Fate

Ahh… Egypt… Ahh Solo: Shermann O Thou of countless names Who are one and all things O Thou of countless […]

Insane – Merciful Fate

I see little demons, fightin in my bed Why did I go insane? Oh doctor kill the pain Screams in […]

Mirror – Merciful Fate

Solo: S The girl in the mirror, she’s not really there Only I can see her, in all her misery […]

Deadtime – Merciful Fate

“Lie down in your dead little baby You know it’s getting late Listen to this deadtime story And hold on […]