Greed – Meshuggah

Vitalize your benevolent thoughts today Encrust the encumbrance that encroach your brain A devastated world we’ll see in tomorrow’s society […]

Qualms Of Reality – Meshuggah

Redundant cruelty Children are shoveled into enclosed solitude in lack of value cause by minor defects Each one an unsuitability […]

Soul Burn – Meshuggah

Human wreckage I leave my liquid face Who am I sense blurred who’s my mind In this life obscured Visual […]

Sickening – Meshuggah

Noone Knows The Soul Of Tears And Why Can’t We See Human Indignity Who Will Laugh At The Growing Suffering […]

Elastic – Meshuggah

Assembled From Dead Incompatible Pieces; Livid Fragments Regenerated. Decomposing Bits Of Organic Matter, Brought To Life, Revived. A Fluid, Limbless, […]

Sane – Meshuggah

Come And Hear My Twisted Lies, The Way I Bend And Falsify A Master Of Deception, User Of An Untrue […]

Sublevels – Meshuggah

Asleep but aware I’m lost again Every time I close my eyes I enter the dream to which I’m strained […]

Vanished – Meshuggah

Stagnation now complete This is the new plague called Unconsciousness We’re selfcaged in defeat Clotted minds coagulate we are trapped […]

Transfixion – Meshuggah

Connected to a blur sensations deformed We are to drown just to become Another set of eyes among the millions […]

Humiliative – Meshuggah

I’m The Concrete Leper Sickness Repulsion Embodied But Hear The Sermon Escaping My Vermin Mouth You Might Even Stay With […]

Beneath – Meshuggah

My morbid self beneath A peril trip the last way out I spin as I let go In spirals down […]

Concatenation – Meshuggah

A Stale Organic Cage. Incarceration. I’m In The Stranger: Me. (Lost In Corporeal Inanity) The User Of My Face; Beneath […]

Ritual – Meshuggah

I Alone I Fill My Head With Everything I Have See Into My Empty Face Scarred I Know I’ll Never […]

Neurotica – Meshuggah

Subdued And Repressed. A Son Of The Vortex In Faceless Progress, Coaxing, Tugging, Grinding. So Elevated So God. Refit This […]