Metal Church – Metal Church

Many, many years ago on a distant shore
Men did gather secretly beyond a hidden door
They travelled long and travelled far
Darkness through the night
Yes, this is the place they’ve chosen
To build another site

Congregation rises, starts to chant a hymn
Of evil, lust and hatred, the roots of every sin
The crazies stand before them while the others wait
Why they worship metal gods each and every day
All the evil things we do, the secrets that we keep

Metal church, unholy, can’t you be the sacrifice
Metal church, the only, don’t you know the time is right
Metal church will find you, comes from very far
Metal church inside you, knows just who you are

No use in speaking out against anything we do
Now the story starts again, all the time is lost
Metal Church begins to do….
Watch the souls become lost

Lyric Metal Church – Metal Church