Fake Healer – Metal Church

I prey upon your morbid fear Of terminal disease You won’t know the difference Now it’s time for surgery Another […]

Battalions – Metal Church

Deep slumber awakened by sirens I realize life’s been thrown to the lions What I saw last night, our city’s […]

Betrayed – Metal Church

I’ve been waking up shaking, and the bottles are gone What will I do with my day, and how will […]

Little Boy – Metal Church

From a blue sky falling? Father, I’m frightened, what will happen if it falls again? Will you be there to […]

Conductor – Metal Church

Always got an empty seat, no need for reservation There’s no need to hesitate, come and step inside Take a […]

Badlands – Metal Church

I ride alone, the wasteland that I cross Will take another life, we’ll take another loss I feel a dry […]

Hypnotized – Metal Church

‘Cause I’ve been working, all night long for centuries Bloody Mary, the drink of choice for those who dabble In […]

Hitman – Metal Church

Your woman’s unfaithful, she’s got a backdoor man You’ve seen the signs and you understand They’ll soon be dead, now, […]

The Dark – Metal Church

It’s way past midnight There’s a howling wind Oh God what can it be? Something out there evil And it’s […]

Psycho – Metal Church

Stick your fingers in the eyes of night Rip open the Belly of Death Now you’ll see What is real […]

In Due Time – Metal Church

I’m trapped in the pressure cooker when will I ever learn While my world has reached the boiling Point of […]