Dyers Eve – Metallica

Dear father What is this hell you have put me through Believer Deceiver Day in day out live my life […]

Overkill – Metallica

Only way to feel the noise Is when it’s good and loud So good I can’t believe it Screamin’ with […]

Mercyful Fate – Metallica

They’re walking by the night The moon has frozen blue Long black coats a shelter for the rain Their load […]

No Remorse – Metallica

No mercy for what we are doing No thought to even what we have done We don’t need to feel […]

Frantic – Metallica

I’d use them to get back on track Tried to warn Karma’s burning Look ahead but keep on turning Do […]

Fixxxer – Metallica

One for each of us and our sins So you lay us in a line Push your pins they make […]

One – Metallica

Can’t tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel to scream This terrible silence stops me […]

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