Touch The One You Love – Michael Jackson

I didn’t hold your hand If I had a nickel for everytime I didn’t understand I’d be the world poorest millionaire ‘Cause you’re not there And no one ever told me What you’re willing do If I had only reach out I might still be touching you You got to touch the one you love […]

2 Bad – Michael Jackson

Music Composed by Bruce Swedien, Rene and Dallas Austin. Produced by Michael Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Bruce Swedien and Rene. Told me that you’re doin’ wrong Word out shockin’ all alone Cryin’ wolf ain’t like a man Throwin’ rocks to hide your hands You ain’t done enough for me You ain’t done enough […]

Girl, Don’t Take Your Love From Me – Michael Jackson

Foolish of me, I couldn’t see The forest for the trees You’ve been so true I’ve been so cruel to you Oh, girl please don’t leave me Chorus : If you stay I’ll find a way To erase the past Baby don’t leave me Girl don’t take your love from me Oh girl What can […]

Just Good Friends – Michael Jackson

[Stevie] Na Na Na-Na Na Na Na Nah! [Michael] Hoo Hoo! Dancin’-Hee! Doggone Lover! [Stevie] C’mon Boy [Michael] I Watched You On The Floor Cheek To Cheek She’s Getting To You You Didn’t See-Her Eyes On Me-No She Looked Right Through You (Before You Make) Before You Make (A Big Mistake) Remember That Looks Can […]

Blood on the Dance Floor – Michael Jackson

She got your number She know your game She put you under It’s so insane Since she seduced you How does it feel To know that woman Is about to kill Every night stance is like takin’ a chance It’s not about love and romance And now you’re gonna get it Every hot man is […]

In Our Small Way – Michael Jackson

Maybe you and I can’t do great things We may not change the world in one day But we still can change some things today… In our small way Empty words are not enough Where there’s hurt we’ll be a crush When there’s thirst we’ll fill each other’s cup Because we care we love enough […]

Tabloid Junkie – Michael Jackson

Produced by Michael Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Speculate to break the one you hate Circulate the lie you confiscate Assassinate and mutilate As the hounding media in hysteria Who’s the next for you to resurrect JFK exposed the CIA Truth be told the grassy knoll As the blackmail story in all your glory […]

Make Tonight All Mine – Michael Jackson

[VERSE 1] Ooh baby now, I’ve been watchin’ you girl When you dance you steal the show Just like you stole my heart… When the lights were low All the guys are waiting pleading just to hold you tight Oh, darling no no no please not tonight Cuz now you’re in my arms girl, you […]

You Rock My World (Remix) – Michael Jackson

Uh, the Mike Jordan of rap, the Mike Jackson of pop The Mike Tyson of street, Airs with no socks The Hugh Hef of the game, yeah it won’t stop Till I meet the Lara Croft of the hood, it’s all good The Spielberg when I spill words to tracks I’m a sick dude, you […]

Black or White – Michael Jackson

Rap Lyrics by Bill Bottrell. Produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell. Aaow Aaow I Took My Baby On A Saturday Bang Boy Is That Girl With You Yes We’re One And The Same Now I Believe In Miracles And A Miracle Has Happened Tonight Hee But, If You’re Thinkin’ About My Baby It Don’t […]

Heaven Can Wait – Michael Jackson

I don’t want nobody else to hold you That’s a chance I’ll take Baby I’ll stay, Heaven can wait No, if the angels took me from this earth I would tell them bring me back to her It’s a chance I’ll take, maybe I’ll stay Heaven can wait You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, incredible I love […]

Another Part Of Me – Michael Jackson

We’re Takin’ Over We Have The Truth This Is The Mission To See It Through Don’t Point Your Finger Not Dangerous This Is Our Planet You’re One Of Us We’re Sendin’ Out A Major Love And This Is Our Message To You (Message To You) The Planets Are Linin’ Up We’re Bringin’ Brighter Days They’re […]

Be A Lion – Michael Jackson

Where there is mostly quiet; Flowers and butterflies, A rainbow lives beside it. And from a velvet sky, A summer storm; You can feel the coolness in the air But you’re still warm, And then a mighty roar Will start the sky to cryin’; But not even lightening Will be frightening to my lion. And […]

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Don’t wanna see your face, you better disappear The fire’s in their eyes and their words are really clear So beat it, just beat it You better run, you better do what you can Don’t wanna see no blood, don’t be a macho man (Uh) You wanna be tough, better do what you can So […]

Human Nature – Michael Jackson

1st Verse Looking out Across the night-time The city winks a sleepless eye Hear her voice Shake my window Sweet seducing sighs 2nd Verse Get me out Into the night-time Four walls won’t hold me tonight If this town Is just an apple Then let me take a bite Chorus If they say – Why, […]

Maria (You Were The Only One) – Michael Jackson

Maria hey hey Maria Maria don’t you hear me calling Maria Maria girl you know you were the only one Hey hey Maria Maria don’t you miss me just a little Maria after all you were the only one Come on back to me Maria Maria come on back to me girl Hey hey Maria […]

Dancing Machine – Michael Jackson

She’s a dancing machine Ah babe Move it baby Automatic Systematic Full of color self contained Tune that shadow to your vibes Captivating Stimulating She’s such a sexy lady Filled with space age design She’s moving she’s grooving Dancing until the music stops now Yea Rythmetic acrobatic She a dynamite attraction At the drop of […]

Money – Michael Jackson

Money… Lie for it Spy for it Kill for it Die for it So you call it trust But I say it’s just In the devil’s game Of greed and lust They don’t care They’d do me for the money They don’t care They use me for the money So you go to church Read […]

When I Come Of Age – Michael Jackson

What should i be looking for? What am I gonna be when I come of age? Will I be strong? Will I de a mighty man Climb mountains if I can When I come of age? Hey y’all I think I’ll be a movie star Or travel to some distant star Yeah that’s it I’m […]

Scream – Michael Jackson

(Michael) Tired of injustice Tired of the schemes Kinda disgusted So what does this mean? Kicking me down(and i) I got to get up As jacked as it sounds The whole system sucks (dammit) (Janet) Peek in the shadow Come into the light You tell me I’m wrong Then you better prove you’re right You’re […]

Ain’t No Sunshine – Michael Jackson

You ever want something that you know you shouldn’t have The more you know you shouldn’t have it, The more you want it And then one day you get it, It’s so good too But it’s just like my girl When she’s around me I just feel so good, so good But right now I […]

I’ll Be There – Michael Jackson

We must bring salvation back Where there is love, I’ll be there I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do Just call my name and I’ll be there Chorus: And oh – I’ll be there to comfort you, Build my world of dreams around you I’m so glad that […]

Morning Glow – Michael Jackson

Starts to glimmer when you know Winds of change are set to blow And sweep this whole land through Morning glow is long past due Morning glow fill the earth Come on shine far all you’re worth We’ll be present at the birth Of all faith looking new Morning glow is long past due Oh […]

Unbreakable – Michael Jackson

Now I’m just wondering why you think That you can get to me with anything Seems like you’d know by now, when and how I get down And with all that I’ve been through, I’m still around Don’t you ever make no mistake Baby I’ve got what it takes And there’s no way you’ll ever […]

Can I Go On? – Michael Jackson

Music: Quincy Jones, Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson Lose it? Lose it? I don’t even know the first thing about what they’re feeling; What am I afraid of? Don’t know what I’m made of, Can I go on, not knowing? Feeling? Feeling? Something tells me that it’s more than I can deal with; Tho I […]

Don’t Walk Away – Michael Jackson

See I just can’t find the right thing to say I tried but all my pain gets in the way Tell me what I have to do so you’ll stay Should I get down on my knees and pray Chorus 1: And how can I stop losing you How can I begin to say When […]

My Girl – Michael Jackson

On a cloudy day When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (My girl, my girl) Talkin’ ’bout my girl (My girl) I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in […]

I’ll Come Home To You – Michael Jackson

I’d never leave for a minute But things don’t always turn out The way we want them to So while I’m away I want you to remember How much I love you I love you, I love you Let this love lift you up Whne you’re feelin’ blue Wherever I go, I will be loving […]

History – Michael Jackson

Produced by Michael Jackson and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. He got kicked in the back He say that he needed that He hot willed in the face Keep daring to motivate He say one day you will see His place in world history He dares to be recognized The fires deep in his eyes […]

Working Day and Night – Michael Jackson

Ooh my honey You got me workin’ day and night Ooh my sugar You got me workin’ day and night 2nd Verse Scratch my shoulder It’s aching, make it feel alright When this is over Lovin’ you will be so right 3rd Verse I often wonder if lovin’ you Will be tonight But what is […]

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