I Wanna Be Where You Are – Michael Jackson

Did I leave your mind when I was gone It’s not my thing trying to get back But this time let me tell you where I’m at You don’t have to worry ’cause I’m coming Back to where I should have always stayed And now I’ve heard the maybe to your story And it’s enough […]

Who Is It – Michael Jackson

Produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell. I Gave Her Money I Gave Her Time I Gave Her Everything Inside One Heart Could Find I Gave Her Passion My Very Soul I Gave Her Promises And Secrets So Untold And She Promised Me Forever And A Day We’d Live As One We Made Our Vows […]

It’s Too Late To Change The Time – Michael Jackson

Too Late Too Late Too Late [VERSE 1] In this automatic age We shop through the yellow page Gone is the corner store There is a supermarket there for you People give way to change But feelings remain the same [CHORUS] And it’s too late, too late to change the time Well it’s too late, […]

Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson

I’m Gonna Make A Change, For Once In My Life It’s Gonna Feel Real Good, Gonna Make A Difference Gonna Make It Right. . . As I, Turn Up The Collar On My Favourite Winter Coat This Wind Is Blowin’ My Mind I See The Kids In The Street, With Not Enough To Eat Who […]

Love Is Here And You Are Gone – Michael Jackson

Love is here And oh my darling, now you’re gone Love is here And oh my darling, now you’re gone You persuaded me to love you And I did But instead of tendeness I found heartache instead Into your arms I fell So unaware of the lonelyness Thar was waiting there Spoken : You closed […]

Just A Little Bit Of You – Michael Jackson

Will surely keep the doctor away Just a little bit of you every day Will surely keep the doctor away I told my mama how I feel about your power Your love can heal, can’t no doctor’s remedy Ever do what you do for me Just a little bit of you every day Will surely […]

Cry – Michael Jackson

Somebody’s missing a friend (Hold on) Somebody’s lacking a hero And they have not a clue when it’s all gonna end again Stories buried and untold Someone is hiding the truth (Hold on) When will this mystery unfold And will the sun ever shine In the blind mans eyes when he cries You can change […]

You Can’t Win – Michael Jackson

You can’t win You can’t break even And you can’t get out of the game People kee sayin’ Things are gonna change But they look us like You’re stayin’ the same You can’t win Get over your head And you only have yourself to blame You can’t win Chile (You can’t win Chile) You ain’t […]

Don’t Say Goodbye Again – Michael Jackson

Girl don’t you say Girl don’t you make Girl don’t you make Make me cry Make me cry You had my life In the palm of your hand Why you threw it away I’ll never ever understand You took away the best part The best part of me You took away, you How cruel could […]

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