Misery Speaks – Crown Of Thorns

Inside his mind
Into the demon world
From there he haunts their dreams
Look at his eyes – Look at his fear
Look at the tears that drip
And the bible that’s burning now
The flames have searched and found
Look at your God – Pathetic and weak
Your father burns

I’ve seen a thousand “crimes”
But this is one of the “worst”
The demon’s laughing now
The world is his – The world is pain
Oh so great
It will possess our bodies
Oh yeah – Satan’s smiling now
The world is his – The world is lost

Behind the dark
He stands to watch the weak
And his fate destroys their hope
Look at the cross – Look at the fall
Feel the burning hate – From the conscious red
Insanity! – cause of alarm?
Look at the end – Misery speaks
hell is loose

I’ve seen a thousand “crimes”…

Seek and you will find – Messiah stabbed in the head
No one will ever miss him – They are all dead

(Lead: M. Tervonen – M. Sunesson)

And so you inject the black venom
Following the trail of future – Towards the bleeding face of Christ
And spit him goodbye

(Lead: M. Tervonen)

I’ve seen a thousand “crimes”

Lyric Misery Speaks – Crown Of Thorns