Mists Of Evil (To Elysian) – Avatar

Sadly, I depart
To a land too profound
To be discouvered
By mankind

Engendered out of images
Fed by broken hope
I fly… my wings carried
By the breath of ages…

The decay of your love
Was the key to my voyage
To settle in your dreams…

Encouraged by your fear
For them who were wrong
and were predistined
To stay this way

Like a whirlwind
You pass by
Clothed in your mantle of innocence
The passing of the fluxes
Forever put down!

Undecieved, loathesome whore
You take me to Innaya
The paths are burning
With the greenish fire of repressed sadness

Enveil me with your velvet eyes
Forelorn goddess of the lie
My broken heart will be erased
Tenderly walk by… disgraced

Lyric Mists Of Evil (To Elysian) – Avatar