Money On My Mind – Lil Wayne

Chorus: money on my mind money on my mind money on my mind money on my mind money on my mind so money is all think of

versus2: (yeah) nigga get it in the slump if u know how in the heart of the summer we need a snowplow wat u know bout that baby its showtime coke transactions on the phone we call it blowjob to fast for the feds to cocky for the cops had to ditch my old bitch getting sloppy wit the pots hopping off the boat meeting poppy at the docks they tell me im gaining weight i tellin em im getting paid (yeah) money over bitches im yelling it to the grave developed at a young age go after wat pays these gabbana sunshades block the sunrays i drop a car note at the mall on the first day i gotta get it even if its in the worst way that cake like its its my birthday new orleans my birthplace u heard me where moneys more important than a person


versus3: twisting up a blunt thinking bout my next dollar im digging in the game trying to get some money out her im so vain its a problem there aint a stain on these pradas im just being modest got me a godess sure how to divide it she still down and she dont get none of the profit well round the city let the tints hide me thats a cold muthafuka who eva inside it forever symbolizing the grind and dont walk to u i make u run like horses do giddey up baby if he got then hit him up baby i know its crazy but i cant enough baby I Love It I f**king Love It ima self made millionaire f**k the public ridin’ to myself ’cause i dont f**k wit nuttin pistol on my lap on my way to the money

Lyric Money On My Mind – Lil Wayne