Higher And Higher – Moody Blues

Power of ten billion butterfly sneezes, Man with his flaming pyre has conquered the wayward breezes, Climbing to tranquillity far […]

Floating – Moody Blues

Sixty foot leaps it’s so absurd >From up here you should see the view Such a lot of space for […]

Driftwood – Moody Blues

Just like the driftwood of a dream, Left on the seashore of sleep. Just like the words that wouldn’t rhyme, […]

Meanwhile – Moody Blues

Just in a simple conversation You can hear the feeling change Like a river rrunning down Down to the sea […]

Dear Diary – Moody Blues

Dear diary, what a day it’s been. Dear dirary, it’s been just like a dream. Woke up too late. Wasn’t […]

Eternity Road – Moody Blues

Hark listen here he comes Turning, spinning, catherine wheeling Forever changing, there’s no beginning Speeding through a charcoal sky Observe […]

Nervous – Moody Blues

Why am I so nervous Please explain to me Why I can’t sleep I close my eyes to shelter In […]

Gypsy – Moody Blues

Travelling in panic all direction blind Aching for the warmth of a burning sun Freezing in the emptiness of where […]

Cities – Moody Blues

Neon the city’s sun Taxis like beetles run, and I see Pavements with yellow lines Grey walls and big bold […]

Out And In – Moody Blues

I’ve been lying here for hours, You’ve got to make the journey out and in Wonders of a lifetime, right […]

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