Gypsy – Moody Blues

Travelling in panic all direction blind Aching for the warmth of a burning sun Freezing in the emptiness of where […]

Cities – Moody Blues

Neon the city’s sun Taxis like beetles run, and I see Pavements with yellow lines Grey walls and big bold […]

Out And In – Moody Blues

I’ve been lying here for hours, You’ve got to make the journey out and in Wonders of a lifetime, right […]

Lazy Day – Moody Blues

Lazy day, Sunday afternoon, Like to get your feet up, watch TV. Sunday roast is something good to eat, Must […]

Going Nowhere – Moody Blues

Once more I’ve loved I’ve laughed and I’ve lost Now I’m alone left counting the cost Once more sweet child […]

Blue World – Moody Blues

Heart and soul took control Took control of me Paid my dues spread the news Hands across the sea Put […]

For My Lady – Moody Blues

My boat sails stormy seas Battles oceans filled with tears At last my port’s in view Now that I’ve discovered […]