Lazy Day – Moody Blues

Lazy day, Sunday afternoon, Like to get your feet up, watch TV. Sunday roast is something good to eat, Must be lamb today ’cause beef was last week. So full up, bursting at the seams, Soon you’ll start to nod off, happy dreams. Wake up, for tea and buttered scones Such a lot of work […]

Top Rank Suite – Moody Blues

Rain on the river, Turned a torrent to a flood. Swim or you’ll never rise above. Two lonely people, Can mend a broken heart. Love and you’ll never fall apart. But can you tell me why? They made a good bowl of chili at the jazz club, Can you They played a good game of […]

Under Moonshine – Moody Blues

The dawn crept into my room, And stole my dream. Now I’ll never know, Just what it means. Or what could have been, Yet still I try, To lie, But I’m seen, Under moonshine, that’s where I’ve been. Under moonshine, I’m clearly seen. Under moonshine, that’s where I’ve been. Under moonshine, I’m clearly seen. Creator […]

In My World – Moody Blues

In my world It’s heaven on earth when you’re close to me I could see That moment of truth when you spoke to me In my world It’s never too late we can both be free In my world It’s heaven on earth when you’re near If you knew The changes I feel that you […]

Going Nowhere – Moody Blues

Once more I’ve loved I’ve laughed and I’ve lost Now I’m alone left counting the cost Once more sweet child of middling years Basted again in bitter-sweet tears I will survive solitude But come alive I’ll love anew (Note that the CD booklet gives this line as “Although the new”) Somebody tell me you love […]

Meet Me Halfway – Moody Blues

Never dreamt I would hope While I count the miles Through the wind and the rain I can see you smile There ain’t no turning back I can see it in the distance Got it in my sight Like a vision like a face Coming out of the sky You were there not a dream […]

Never Comes The Day – Moody Blues

Work away today, work away tomorrow. Never comes the day for my love and me. I feel her gently sighing as the evening slips away. If only you knew what’s inside of me now You wouldn’t want to know me somehow, But You will love me tonight, We alone will be alright, In the end […]

After You Came – Moody Blues

Since it began I got one dream and really it’s my only blessing If I can come through then so can you And you will find there’s no regretting Things you want fromyour life’s font Will never let your spirit roam Come back to earth for what it’s worth For you’ve been dreaming of a […]

Here Comes The Weekend – Moody Blues

Somewhere in the night There’s a heart that beats so fast I can feel the heat Of the fire in your eyes BUrning like a naked flame Waiting for the ice to break Counting down the days Waiting for the weekend Lonely is the night Silence is a friend to walk with With no one […]

Talking Out Of Turn – Moody Blues

When I took a little loving from you Oh I, never thought about the hurting inside BUt I took a little more than I should Oh why, can’t explain that I would ever Let you slip through my fingers Let you escape like yesterday I would appreciate you knowing I thought you love had come […]

Steppin’ In A Slide Zone – Moody Blues

I took a ride in a limousine, I took a road I’d never been. I met a stranger by the way, His coat was torn but his eyes were clear. Standing in a slide zone, Steppin’ in a slide zone. He told me where a river flows, He showed me how the apple grows. He […]

Our Guessing Game – Moody Blues

Walking in the sand Thinking of things adventures in my mind Of tall ships that sail Across the oceans wide They won’t wait for me See how they glide away so gracefully And with tomorrow what will become of me They leave me so much to explain That’s the start of our guessing game. CHORUS […]

New Horizons – Moody Blues

I’ve had dreams enough for one And I’ve got love enough for three I have my hopes to comfort me I’ve got my new horizons out to sea CHORUS But I’m never gonna lose your precious gift It will always be that way And I know I’m gonna find my own peace of mind Someday, […]

Sitting At The Wheel – Moody Blues

I can hear the music playing I can hear the word that you’re saying I can see the lovelife in your eyes What’s the use in looking for an answer I might find out It could be a disaster Hold on to your own time Don’t let go Don’t let go I’m sitting at the […]

Lean On Me (Tonight) – Moody Blues

Lean on me I’ll be there Whenever you need someone To share in every prayer In every dream You’ve left somewhere ‘Till tomorrow Will be just like it was when we were young ‘Cos tonight I’m gonna take you where I’ve never taken you before Lean on me I’m everywhere Where ever you look I’ll […]

Running Water – Moody Blues

Time hurries on Look and it’s gone The changing of the autumn tide The hopes that live The dreams that die If I could have you by my side I’d give it all away You, you and I We must hold on We must try To reach beyond that far off cloud Along the road […]

Vintage Wine – Moody Blues

I remember the taste of the vintage wine >From ’63 through to ’69 And I’m proud of the things we believed in then If I had a chance I’d go around again Oh I tell you We wer young and free Oh I’ll tell you ‘Cause I was there you see And I look to […]

Emily’s Song – Moody Blues

Lovely to know the warmth Your smile can bring to me I want to tell you but the words you do not know Sing me a lullaby Of songs you cannot write And I will listen for there’s beauty where there’s love And in the morning of my life and in the evening of my […]

The River Of Endless Love – Moody Blues

I’m looking for a better world Where there’s no more hurt Where there’s only hope For the eagle and the dove I can see your face Nothing can take your place If we sil away on a river of endless love I’m living in the hands of time On the wings of love On the […]

Isn’t Life Strange – Moody Blues

Isn’t life strange A turn of the page Can read like before Can we ask for more? Each day passes by How hard will man try? The sea will not wait CHORUS You know it makes me want to cry, cry, cry- Wished I could be in your heart To be one with your love […]

Nice To Be Here – Moody Blues

Nice to be here hope you agree Lying in the sun Lovely weather must climb a tree The show has just begun All the leaves start swaying To the breeze that’s playing On a thousand violins And the bees are humming To a frog sat strumming On a guitar with only one string. CHORUS I […]

In The Beginning – Moody Blues

First Man: I think, I think I am, I think. Establishment: Of course you are my bright little star. I’ve miles And miles Of files Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit And now to suit our Great computer You’re magnetic ink. First Man: I’m more than that, I know I am, at least, I think […]

Gemini Dream – Moody Blues

Long time no see Short time for you and me So fine, so good We’re on the road LIke you knew we would First night, so long A state of mind What can go wrong We’re here, the time is right To rock ‘n’ roll Right throough the night Make it work out Make it […]

Miracle – Moody Blues

I closed the door and I walked away >From the life I knew On a night in JUne I took a chance and I lost control Trying to find out why On a night in July Why this hesitation I can feel that the night is slipping away Wanna drown in the ocean of your […]

Fly Me High – Moody Blues

I’m up to the eyes and I love ev’ryone Today I could cry I could reach for the sun I’m walking on air ‘n’ I’m here ‘n’ I’m there I travel the sky but for what I don’t care Fly me straight and fly me high Fly me straight and fly me high I’m up […]

I Know You’re Out There Somewhere – Moody Blues

I know you’re out there somewhere Somewhere somewhere I know I’ll find you somewhere And somehow I’ll return again to you The mist is lifting slowly I can see the way ahead And I’ve left behind the empty streets That once inspired my life And the strength of the emotion Is like thunder in the […]

Lost In A Lost World – Moody Blues

I woke up today, I was crying, Lost in a lost world, Cos’ so many people are dying, Lost in a lost world. Some of them are living an illusion, Bounded by the darkness of their minds, In their eyes, it’s nation against nation, With racial pride, sad hearts they hide Thinking only of themselves, […]

I Just Don’t Care – Moody Blues

The indestructible has broken down The undeniable has turned around And I don’t care my love I just don’t care I love you The unbelievable has all come true I love the changes you’ve put Me through And I don’t care you see I just don’t care I love you I see the magic That […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Over You – Moody Blues

(Chorus)Like a rock I’m gonna roll over you Like a rock I’m gonna roll over you Not gonna lose my nerve Not gonna fall apart Not gonna turn the tide Not gonna start from the top Not gonna lose control Not gonna turn around Not gonna till I take you to the top Cause there’s […]

Under My Feet – Moody Blues

It’s a hard life Never let yourself get down You may never get back You may never ever turn it round You may say it took you by surprise Never ending Never changing I didn’t see through your disguise (It took my breath away) Under my feet (under my feet) The earth shook Under my […]

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