Damnation – Morbid Angel

(Solo: Azagthoth) Evil Minds grievous sins Pagan lives have no place for law Twisted worship exhume the dead Minds unite […]

He Who Sleeps – Morbid Angel

Awaken my brothers, of vengeance we rise to devulge this enemy, to enlighten the ones who sleep Worlds have passed […]

Evil Spells – Morbid Angel

(Solo: Azagthoth) Caught within my evil spell Now it’s time to burn in hell You were fooled on return You’re […]

Suffocation – Morbid Angel

Laugh at the tragedies Mock with disrespect Goats under rule of father time Leaches pass judgement on their fellow kind […]

Bil Ur-Sag – Morbid Angel

You quake the earth Scorcher of skies Your Towers of Flames You’ve come to Cleanse the treacherous act You’ve come […]

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