Mordred’s Song – Blind Guardian

My first breath wasn’t done
My spirit’s sunken deep into the ground
Why am I alone
I can hear my heartbeat
Silence’s all around

See hate will rise
So don’t come closer
Fear your child
Born with a king’s heart
But fate fooled me
And changed my cards
None asked if I want it
If I like it

Pain inside is rising
I am the fallen one
A figure in an old game
No joker’s on my side
I plunged into misery
I’ll turn off the light
And murder the dawn
Turn off the light
And murder the dawn

Nothing else but laughter is around me
Noone can heal me
Nothing can save me
Noone can heal me
I’ve gone beyond the truth
It’s just another lie
Wash away the blood on my hands
My father’s blood
In agony we’re unified

I never wanted to be
What they told me to be

Lyric Mordred’s Song – Blind Guardian