More Than A Woman – All Living Fear

feelings I can do without.
no one to hear me shout.
looking past my own reflection,
pure avarice and greed,
my own obsession.
when I wished apon a star,
she came to me, came from afar.
she took my hand, dried my tears,
eased my pain shook my fears.
made up for all the years
of explotation.

I can’t survive on my own,
I sit and wait by the phone,
and when her voice I can hear,
I feel her presence so near.
those three words that I say.
I tell her I love her.

from my mistakes I have learned,
I think the good times I’ve earned.
it’s time the tables were turned.
I put my trust in her now,
think it’s time to allow,
for celebration.
she means much more to me,
than I thought a woman could be.
she’s so important you see.
she put a smile on my face,
took away the bitter taste,

Lyric More Than A Woman – All Living Fear