Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed – Morrissey

Mama, who drove you to it? Was it the pigs in grey suits Persercuting you? Uncivil servants Unconcerned at how they frightened you Life is nothing much to lose It’s just so lonely here without you Mama, why did you do it? Mama, who drove you to it? Spare priggish moneymen Who scared the life […]

I Have Forgiven Jesus – Morrissey

I wouldn’t do you no harm I was a nice kid With a nice paper round Forgive me any pain I may have brung to you With God’s help I know I’ll always be near to you But Jesus hurt me When he deserted me, but I have forgiven Jesus For all the desire He […]

The Youngest Was The Most Loved – Morrissey

The youngest was the shielded We kept him from the world’s glare And he turned into a killer Retrouss√© nose Turned up and mischievous Forget-me-not eyes that cried if we ever left his side There is no such thing in life as normal There is no such thing in life as normal The youngest was […]

You Were Good In Your Time – Morrissey

Lay back your head You were good in your time And we thank you You made me feel less alone You made me feel not quite so Deformed, uninformed and hunchbacked Time takes all breath away You were good in your time And we thank you so, so… You said more in one day Than […]

I Just Want To See The Boy Happy – Morrissey

As I kneel down at my bed Because soon I will be dead Let’s face it soon I will be dead And I just want to I want to see the boy happy With some hope in his pale eyes Is that too much to ask? Before I die I have one final dream For […]

Black Cloud – Morrissey

Is standing near The one I love Is everywhere I can woo you I can amuse you But there is nothing I can do to make you mine Black cloud, black cloud The one I love Roosts in the mind Can snap this spell Or increase hell I can chase you And I can catch […]