Redeem – Mourning Sign

My past lies between distant suns Rid of me out of reach for you The darkness is falling won’t ever […]

Godsend – Mourning Sign

Overshadowed by the others I wish to see this day I try to stand up straight again But my strength […]

Repent – Mourning Sign

Spirit messenger I greet thee Strike thy sword extinguish fire Fortify my soul let pain reside within I control my […]

Just Another Jesus – Mourning Sign

Just another warning Just another revelation Just another mindtrap Just another mourning Just another insane Just another retard Just another […]

Sleepless – Mourning Sign

Worthless Why am I here I fear, I fear Life itself, life itself Sleep, drown, sleep, wish By myself, by […]

Misbegotten – Mourning Sign

Have I got friends Turn around and face me It’s only possible when untouched by me Crimson deathmask featureless – […]