Desert Sun – Mourning Sign

Those who have lost their hope, those who live in despair Even they will be reached by the rays of the desert sun Intensive and violent passion Surrendering of virginity Dare to taste the forbidden fruit Intoxicated by its sweetness Touched by the spakel of life So innocent it can be Cursed to carry thy […]

Absorb My Eyes – Mourning Sign

Is it fake or reality I don’t mind this triviality Because it cures my sanity Closing eyes and drifts away No more cries no yesterday Shades of darkness showing the way I pray please let me stay today Torn away quickly by the breeze From this vile body then there were the dream Is it […]

Misbegotten – Mourning Sign

Have I got friends Turn around and face me It’s only possible when untouched by me Crimson deathmask featureless – I can’t see it Floating before my unconsciousness – no, I can’t see it Is this the end of nothingness – now I see it Dwell in darkness loveless – loveless Am I happy Have […]

Dreaming Blind – Mourning Sign

I would do same again Put yourself back in the same place Where you found my pain What a dirty night it has been – what a dirty life it has been She spat blood and cursed at me What breaks me is your impudence Now it’s on the knees of the gods My angel […]

Seems Endless – Mourning Sign

I’ll lead you through the night Don’t be afraid my friend We’ve passed the hardest part – life Don’t look into the eyes of the unborn They’ll decieve you with their lies Don’t fall for the beauty of the devout shape It’ll keep your soul – forever Listen – hear the lament of the gods […]