Mr Goldstone – Bette Midler

Have a napkin, have a chopstick, have a chair.
Have a spare rib, mr. goldstone.
Any spare that i can spare i’ll be glad to share!

Have a dish, have a fork, have a fish, have a pork.
Put your feet up. feel at home.
Have a smoke, have a coke.
Would you like to hear a joke?
I’ll have june recite a poem!

Have a leechie, mr. goldstone.
Tell me any little thing that i can do.
Ginger peachy, mr. goldstone.
Have a kumquat, have two!
Everybody give a cheer.
Santa claus is sitting here.
Mr. goldstone i love you!

Have a goldstone, mr. eggroll.
Tell me any little thing that i can do.
Have some fried rice, mr. soy sauce.
Have a cookie, have a few!
What’s the matter, mr. g?
Have another pot of tea.
Mr. goldstone i love you!

Herbie: there are good stones and bad stones
And curbstones and gladstones
And touchstones and such stones as them.
Rose: there are big stones and small stones
And grind stones and gall stones,
All: but goldstone is a gem!

There are milestones, there are mill stones.
There’s a cherry, there’s a yellow, there’s a blue.
But we don’t want any old stone,
Only goldstone will do!
Moon stones, sun stones.
We all scream for one stone.
Mr. goldstone we love you!

Lyric Mr Goldstone – Bette Midler