Performer MUSE

Assassin – Muse

The time has come for you To shoot your leaders down Join forces underground Lose control Increasing pace Warped and […]

Overdue – Muse

And no matter what I say, You’ll never forget when I wasn’t there. So, why should I care? I’m young, […]

Shine – Muse

Someone’s sold all the truth you’ve yearned, Remember when we used to shine And had no fear or sense of […]

Fury – Muse

Burning a candle at both ends Your self-loving soothes And softens the blows you’ve invented Breathe in deep and cleanse […]

Endlessly – Muse

You’ll never know The only thing I’ll never show Hopelessly, I’ll love you endlessly Hopelessly, I’ll give you everything But […]

City Of Delusion – Muse

Build a fortress And shield your beliefs Touch the divine As we fall in line Can I believe When I […]

Cave – Muse

I’ll do it myself, it’s got nought to do with you And there’s nothing you could do. You can see […]

Hysteria – Muse

and twisting me around yeah I’m endlessly caving in and turning inside out ’cause I want it now I want […]

Rule By Secrecy – Muse

Repress and restrain Steal the pressure and the pain Wash the blood off your hands This time she won’t understand […]

Time Is Running Out – Muse

Asphyxiated, I wanna break this spell That you’ve created. You’re something beautiful; A contradiction, I wanna play the game, I […]

Hoodoo – Muse

Regress into a dream We will hide And build a new reality Draw another picture Of the life you could […]

New Born – Muse

Link it to yourself Stretch it like a birth squeeze The love for what you hide The bitterness inside Is […]

Hyper Music – Muse

Feed my role In this forgotten space race Under my control Who’s returned from the dead? Who remains (Just to […]

Feeling Good – Muse

You know how I feel Sun in the sky You know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by You know […]

Sunburn – Muse

Another corporate show, a guilty conscience grows I’ll feel a guilty conscience grow And I’ll feel a guilty conscience grow […]

Unintended – Muse

Choice to live my life extended You could be the one I’ll always love You could be the one who […]

Spiral static – Muse

How much to moan and groan And quiver inside He needs to give you Everything you need Is it enough […]

Ashamed – Muse

That you’re dying to tell me I hope it’s not about it in case you love me Make sure no […]

Soldier’s Poem – Muse

Let’s lose our selves ’cause there’s no one left for us to blame It’s a shame, we’re all dying And […]

Bliss – Muse

Your freedom comes naturally, Everything about you resonates happiness Now i won’t settle for less Give me all the peace […]

Escape – Muse

And you would try anything To escape your meaningless And your insignificance You’re uncontrollable And we are unlovable And I […]

Citizen Erased – Muse

And to lie, cover up What shouldn’t be shared And the truth’s unwinding Scraping away at my mind Please stop […]

Sober – Muse

the spicy aroma had mended me. Matured for years and imported, into my glass you poured it. And you’re the […]

Plug in Baby – Muse

The underneath’s no big surprise And now it’s time For changing And cleansing everything To forget your love My plug […]

Invincible – Muse

Make your dreams come true Don’t give up the fight You will be all right Cause there’s no one like […]

Nature_1 – Muse

Too often and too cold But you aren’t even listening ’cause you are just Too old to feel an earthquake […]

Map Of Your Head – Muse

to people who’ll never know just how purposeless and empty they’ve grown. Because their language confuses like computers refuse to […]

Take A Bow – Muse

and Bring corruption to all that you touch. Hold, you’ll behold, And be holden for all that you’ve done. Spell, […]

Futurism – Muse

Apostasy and apathy still rules Yeah you know it’s cool Just suck and see A future turn us into silent […]

Agitated – Muse

With all the things you´ve hated But you´re uncomplicated So why should it affect you That my loving was so […]