Performer MUSE

Fillip – Muse

Its scent has been blowing in my direction. To me it is new, to me it is new, and it’s […]

Assassin – Muse

The time has come for you To shoot your leaders down Join forces underground Lose control Increasing pace Warped and […]

Overdue – Muse

And no matter what I say, You’ll never forget when I wasn’t there. So, why should I care? I’m young, […]

Shine – Muse

Someone’s sold all the truth you’ve yearned, Remember when we used to shine And had no fear or sense of […]

Fury – Muse

Burning a candle at both ends Your self-loving soothes And softens the blows you’ve invented Breathe in deep and cleanse […]

Endlessly – Muse

You’ll never know The only thing I’ll never show Hopelessly, I’ll love you endlessly Hopelessly, I’ll give you everything But […]

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