Category: MUSE

Bliss – Muse

Your freedom comes naturally, Everything about you resonates happiness Now i won’t settle for less Give me all the peace and joy in your mind Everything about you pains my envying Your soul can’t hate anything Everything about you is so easy to love They’re watching you from above Give me all the peace and […]

Escape – Muse

And you would try anything To escape your meaningless And your insignificance You’re uncontrollable And we are unlovable And I don’t want you to think that I care I never would, I never could again Why can’t you just love her? Why be such a monster? You bully from a distance Your brain needs some […]

Citizen Erased – Muse

And to lie, cover up What shouldn’t be shared And the truth’s unwinding Scraping away at my mind Please stop asking me to describe For one moment I wish you’d hold your stage With no feelings at all Open minded I’m sure I used to be so free Self expressed, exhausting for all To see […]

Sober – Muse

the spicy aroma had mended me. Matured for years and imported, into my glass you poured it. And you’re the only reason that I remain unfrozen. Suppose it stands to reason that you would turn on me. You’re so solid, You’re so solid, It burns inside of me, cos you’re so solid, It burns inside […]

Plug in Baby – Muse

The underneath’s no big surprise And now it’s time For changing And cleansing everything To forget your love My plug in baby Crucifies my enemies When I’m tired of giving Woah, my plug in baby In unbroken virgin realities Is tired of living Oooh… Don’t confuse Baby you’re gonna lose Your own game Change me […]

Invincible – Muse

Make your dreams come true Don’t give up the fight You will be all right Cause there’s no one like you In the universe Don’t be afraid What your mind conceives You should make a stand Stand up for what you believe And tonight we can truly say Together we’re invincible And during the struggle […]

Nature_1 – Muse

Too often and too cold But you aren’t even listening ’cause you are just Too old to feel an earthquake Or too cool to even care But you aren’t even listening So why should I? You are a natural disaster And I’ve wanted you too much And now I’m gonna lose I’ve wanted you too […]

Map Of Your Head – Muse

to people who’ll never know just how purposeless and empty they’ve grown. Because their language confuses like computers refuse to understand how I’m feeling today. I’m freezing. And losing my way. I don’t need another map of your head. I am freezing. And losing my way. I don’t need another map of your head. I […]

Butterflies And Hurricanes – Muse

And everything you were Your number has been called Fights and battles have begun Revenge will surely come Your hard times are ahead Best, you’ve got to be the best You’ve got to change the world And use this chance to be heard Your time is now Change everything you are And everything you were […]

Take A Bow – Muse

and Bring corruption to all that you touch. Hold, you’ll behold, And be holden for all that you’ve done. Spell, cast a spell, Cast a spell on the country you run. And risk, you will risk, You will risk all their lives and their souls. And burn, you will burn, You will burn in hell, […]

Futurism – Muse

Apostasy and apathy still rules Yeah you know it’s cool Just suck and see A future turn us into silent gods And i won’t miss you at all Grounded Boxed in Like the evil in your veins Grounded Boxed in I am stuck with you Fate can’t decide Alignment of the planets in your hands […]

Agitated – Muse

With all the things you´ve hated But you´re uncomplicated So why should it affect you That my loving was so untrue? You do it to me sweetly To my yeah yeah You do it to me lovely To my yeah yeah You try to make me crazy You make me agitated But we´re not suffocated […]