Real Girl – Mutya Buena

In my life again I wouldn’t make no changes Now or way back when (yeah) And if everything turns out The way I hope it goes But I cant wait to find out What it is that God knows But I don’t wanna think about What’s gonna come around for me I’ll just take it […]

Song For Mutya (Out Of Control) – Mutya Buena

your gone now, i feel fine. somebody met you, i feel fine. what about you, i bet you been cryin. i bet you been goin around town lyin. Hey! Im drivin fast, i feel so fine. I got prince singing hot thing to me I know every line. so i pulled up to the red […]

Paperbag – Mutya Buena

Says here’s my number, won’t you call me later I called you the next day And that’s how we got started I’m sitting here thinking what we’ve been through In front a pile of things reminded me of you It’s weird that so much time hardly takes up any space at all things I say […]