My Dragon Banner – Embracing

A few steps ahead is the gate from where I came
I was brought here by angels
They saw me in sadness and pain
My wounds will never heal
Every time I walk in my garden of flowers
Trying to feel alive again, but I fail
Nothing more than a dead leaf I have become
Why am I so far away from home
The pale faces of my ten feet high statues
Are crying tears of blood
Their wings are broken and lies scattered in the snow
No more I regret my deeds

The gods created me this way
To hear the thunder before it strikes
To dream about things that will happen
To be the one you so much hate

We hear the voices from the past
Their anger spread among us
Some may hear it some may not
We who hear them are guardians of the truth once lost
Our path not yet revealed
But I know these lands are not meant for my feets to walk

I levitate above the flames from hell
The gods scream their anger towards me
I’m their scapegoat but still their equal
My sword will be their destiny

Lyric My Dragon Banner – Embracing