The Crown Of Sympathy – My Dying Bride

See the light and feel my warm desire run through my veins like the evening sun It will live but no eyes will see it I’ll bless your name before I die No person in everything can shine yet shine you did, for the world to see All a man hath will he give for […]

The Light At The End Of The World – My Dying Bride

An isle, a bright shining isle stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. – Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. ‘Tis the last of all the land. A dweller upon our lonesome isle, the last, lonely man? – By the […]

God Is Alone – My Dying Bride

Uphold the race How the king is blind Endowed with joy Irritable speech Break your back to help the wrteched My blood has learned what fear is My skin itching insane My mouth spills with excrement Eyes burned away My spine crooked and stamped on Feet nailed together Genitals savaged with broken glass Snap my […]

She Is The Dark – My Dying Bride

A cruel sleep ‘cross our land All withered and dying As the fall, the victims They’re dying a sad death In our land, we lay down And suffer again A dark girl’cross our land Is pacing. Is preying And with her, a fever A marching black fever No eyes see. No features Just black form, […]

Like Gods Of The Sun – My Dying Bride

I live for your fond caresses Songs you sing to me Gather me up into your arms I need no-one just you You fill me up with dark thoughts of you The Devil talks to me when you’re touching me My lust it burns, deep inside of you Together we are as one We live […]

The Return Of The Beautiful – My Dying Bride

-The Silence- Oh beautiful earth For too long you have been silent Touch me once again The dark ground lies cold Et gelidus hoc voluntas firmamentum Hark: Yes it is I The fever of mankind Urges whorish as ever I am the new Christ Silence yourself Nunquam You are powerless here Pityful one Pity me […]

All Swept Away – My Dying Bride

Sickness often, often attends me. I’m ruled by pain Tortured memories burning my brain. Oh make it end Killed for nothing. Killed by no-one. I was just a boy Weak and lonely, cold and bloody. Give me a hand Cared by many, but I know none. My life has gone Rage and anger tearing through […]

A Kiss To Remember – My Dying Bride

Open me And drink up my scarlet Kiss me deep Kiss me deep and love me forever more Bloody love Bloody love inside of you Swallow me Thank God, there’s nothing I can do Come with me my friend, come and see the end And let me swallow up your pain Leave the village lights, […]

Your River – My Dying Bride

In powerful rain, they laid their heads to die Let your dark, thirsty eyes drink deep the sights of me It’s sad that, in our blindness, we gather thorns for flowers Your river holds a feast of danger The suffering you have had to bear I’d die for that moment one more time The loved […]

Into The Lake Of Ghosts – My Dying Bride

Enter the Ghost Lake. The waters whisper Of something brooding. No way out of here. Slow smouldering, Slow smouldering heat. Lapping at your skin Pulling you down again. I wish that I could Fan back to life The dying embers Of my long lost passion. Descending deeper. With black as my light. With twist and […]

Christliar – My Dying Bride

Time wears out affections. I hope to be missed. Your presence on my wing. Arise from my sickness. My hopes, eclipsed by failures. Dismal moments fall on me. A terrible sobbing Echoed through my own house. The lightening gets frightening. Oh, cover me. Memories of her sadden me. (are killing me) Believe me. The suffering. […]

Edenbeast – My Dying Bride

All are welcome here To the Eden Feast Enter if you will This is Edenbeast Faces stay hidden Behind their dark masks In arms they enter The Great Hall of Sin Eden, calls again For sick minds. For me Inside there. All laid bare Take your pick. Devour now Lust clawing at your feet Desires […]

Apocalypse Woman – My Dying Bride

He is a killer She gives suffering She is a walking tall saint I am your stalking cruel fate He licks the face of your god for nothing He’s coming closer She shows no fear But she will seduce him She gives suffering I am a hopeless witness He is the falling worlds tears He […]

A Sea To Suffer In – My Dying Bride

The field of blood I’d left They mean nothing to you That war left scars on me Without you now, I’m free I’d found out what you’d done to me, girl I hate with as much passion as I love And so now, your time’s come, for me girl The end. Your end. And my […]

De Sade Soliloquay – My Dying Bride

Hang over me the drape Of superfluous Horror Aside Nocturnal trapping Wallow in my Art Crying and dying My sexual ecstacy The crimson stream That flows from you Magnificent, Supine, Red heaven gapes at me Dragged across putrid ground Mother scorns my glove A vile red heap I gorge my selfish dream Polite garden party […]

Turn Loose The Swans – My Dying Bride

So little of what we observe, is the girl herself. Elaborate, scented coiffers. Adieu d’amour. Vast is the heirs ballroom. Let the rich give you presents. Heaven pours from her throat, as she sings and as she dances. The fumes of rich swine, honeyglazed and dripping, playing in the air. My mouth eager and wishing. […]

The Dark Caress – My Dying Bride

I hide myself away in the dark I can’t find my way in this hole This twisted life is so cruel I’m so sick I need to find her soul to save me I remember the King And his Queen I shall never forget No finer woman had lay before me Dark and filled with […]

The Isis Script – My Dying Bride

You know they lied. To us they lied. Remember them? The final words. All these years. All these fears. Remember them? Ancient words. We’ll take it from you when we like. You will suffer for nothing in your own home. Will you hlep me fight them off? They are killing me. Help me with my […]

The Isis Script – My Dying Bride

You know they lied. To us they lied. Remember them? The final words. All these years. All these fears. Remember them? Ancient words. We’ll take it from you when we like. You will suffer for nothing in your own home. Will you hlep me fight them off? They are killing me. Help me with my […]

Grace Unhearing – My Dying Bride

Falling, drowning, deeper and forever Choking, sinking, deeper into this ocean Screaming, crying for someone to save me Reaching, hoping, calling to no-one My only sin Was to kill a man Deep was my pain But I’d do the same again Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed Strike […]

The Fever Sea – My Dying Bride

Over me. Cover me. Deep inside THE FEVER SEA. Lame from my mothers womb Born a cripple and sick. Under a red moon. My hands bleed. Feet red raw. I’m a broken man who dreamt the great war. The fear of life swallows me. Takes me through THE FEVER SEA. They crawl to me. Cry […]