My Life – Simple Minds

Getting closer in the night
Like a sacred song
You linger on
You give me the wings of flight
And I love your sense of power
Every hour every need
When the red light shows
Your arms enclose
Like the pillars of destiny

With one step forward
I know I can leave this behind
Never look backward
I want to move through space, through time

I want to get to it
Seek and you’ll find
Check the world – do it it’s my life
There’s a star shines over you and I
It’s my life
I’m just keeping my soul alive

There’s talk of revolution
There’s no solution to our plight
A red guitar can get you
But you still know how to fight
They say all roads come together
Every shoulder to the wheel
Solid gold future unfolds
When you give me the hands that heal

I’m looking out, and I call your name
I go running in a circle

Lyric My Life – Simple Minds