My World, My Way – Silkk The Shocker

South, North, East, West
What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What
What you thought c’mon

What y’all bout
Cash and riches – something like Jags and 6’s
What y’all hate
How niggaz stunt and front when they know that they fake
What y’all love
How No Limit keep it real stay ridin’ on dubs
What y’all say
G’s up hoes down
My world nigga my way

[Verse 1]
Look since I was gone for a sec
They don’t really know what to expect
I say when you dealin’ with me
Look expect the best
Fuck with anything of mine and you can expect death
If I give 1 and there’s 10 in the clip
You can be expectin’ the rest
I tell niggaz look don’t even bother investin’ in vests
When there’s head shots why you thinkin’ bout protectin’ yo chest
I took a year off but that was just to invest cash
But now I’m back to make the block hottter nigga with the best bags
When you successful you know you find yourself in some hate shit
But you know how I do haters
I dodge them like I was the Matrix
Shorty like “;You changed ever since you lashed out”;
“;Silkk, you spoiled”; What you expect ma I’m the last child


[Verse 2]
Got girls like sayin’ “;Look at Silkk, he becomin’ a man”;
Niggaz don’t like me
All of a sudden they becomin’ a fan
From last year to this year
How he got that cold?
I can say what the fuck I want
How he got that bold?
I worked all my life nigga
How he got that rich?
I tried for 2 years
How he got that chick?
You know how easy it is nigga to steal a nigga chick
Why they frontin’ in 4’s and 5’s just pull up in a 6
You know I don’t say much
Nigga stay in the cut
If my hair grow fade it up
Now I let my shit grow and braid it up
You know when I step out the house make sure my motor-bike tight
Come through the hood on one wheel like motor-bike Mike
Car look like something look you done seen on James Bond
And a Navigation system for spots that I can’t find
You know I banged one time
But these niggaz changed they mind

Lyric My World, My Way – Silkk The Shocker