The Realm Of Antichristus – Mystifier

the wild child will come to light the holy symbols tremble and the glitter of joy is sad the lord’s son of evil soon will be among us antichristus will come. the bells begin to ring solemnly antichristus will come. the satanists wait for their deity at midnight was born the prodigal son of evil […]

False Superstitions Made By Tellers Of Legends – Mystifier

the omen is approaching knock on wood, shut up your mouth a misfortune will happen don’t walking under a ladder, close your eyes the bad luck follows you avoid a black cat, take a shelter you are in danger! wizards foresee my dark future witches predict my misfortune priests ask me to pray I pledged […]

Beelzebuth – Mystifier

i’m black as the death i’m black as the other side of the moon i’m black as the darkness beware!!! i’m their shadows i’m the pulse of their hearts I pump blood through their bodies I can feel their breathings I can touch in their hearts I can take possession of their souls I can […]

The Supreme Power Of The Human Empire – Mystifier

prisoners of the world creeping like worms in the desert blind by the wills the ambition restrains the human condition we have had more downs than ups in life tormented by all afflictings that hurts our minds we face the sun and do our last… who did create this world of ignorance? who did create […]