Performer N W-A

Dopeman – N. W. A

It was once said by a man who couldn’t quit Dope man please can I have another hit The dope […]

Niggaz 4 Life – N. W. A

Well it’s because motherfuckers want to blast me And run me outa my neighborhood They label me as a dope […]

Gangsta Gangsta – N. W. A

Here’s a little somethin’ bout a nigga like me never shoulda been let out the penititary Ice Cube would like […]

One Less Bitch – N. W. A

Once again beatin’ on your mothafuckin’ ear drumbs Doin’ much damage for all you slutty ass ho’s Yo, there was […]

Drink It Up – N. W. A

Oww, DRINK IT UP BABY! (drink it up baby) GULP IT ON DOWN! (gulp it on down) COME ON, SUCK […]

Prelude – N. W. A

The motherfucking saga continues… All of you who don’t believe in the real gangsta shit, cause when it comes to […]

If It Ain’t Ruff – N. W. A

Ren is the villain and you’re just an hostage so whenever I’m steppin cover your head like an ostrich Groupies […]

Fuck Tha Police – N. W. A

Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren, Ice Cube, and […]

Quiet On The Set – N. W. A

[Eazy E:] Yo Ren! [MC Ren:] Whassup? [Eazy E: Take] [one] [MC Ren: Yo] [Hit it] [MC Ren:] Ruthless, plenty […]

8 Ball – N. W. A

I don’t drink brass monkey, like to be funky Nickname Eazy-E your 8 ball junkie Bass drum kicking, to show […]

A Bitch Is A Bitch – N. W. A

Oh, shit. I guess there’s one less bitch you gotta worry about. [Narrator] Let’s describe a certain female. A female […]

Real Niggaz – N. W. A

Yo, you should of covered your muthafucking head like an ostrich Deep in the dirt ’cause you’s a sucker And […]

She Swallowed It – N. W. A

Lesson 2 : Gently place the balls into the mouth and.. HAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. get it all baby.. get it all baby.. […]

Fat Girl – N. W. A

[You’re a fat girl] [Fat…fat…fat fat fat fat girl] (repeat 2X) (It’s funky fresh Eazy E) new kid on tha […]

Express Yourself – N. W. A

But scared to kick reality. Man, you’ve been doing all this dope producing. You had a chance to show ’em […]

Automobile – N. W. A

and grindin’ and shit, so we hop in the back seat, you know man, this bitch rubbin’ all over my […]