Comfortably Dumb – Naked Aggression

Can’t raise a conscience, there’s no conscience to be raised Kill the rich now, think of all the lives we’ll save If you’re a threat they’ll put you down Collective action they won’t push you around You work for them, they don’t work at all Wildcats strike! Watch big business fall KILL THE RICH KILL […]

Right Now – Naked Aggression

So much anger, so much hate, if things don’t change the human race will end Will the 90’s be another decade of apathy? Are you just going sit by and watch things get worse and worse? NO! The rich will stop at nothing to control the world and keep their power They all live like […]

Anthem – Naked Aggression

I don’t have a fancy job don’t wear no diamond rigs Well they’ll never know that the joke is on them Cause I’m lucky go free don’t got no worryin’ You can laugh at me and say I’m wrong You can try and say that I’m a fool But there’s some things that I’ll never […]