Smash The State – Naked Aggression

I hate their manipulation, I hate all their exploitation I hate their economy, I hate this whole society I hate it all, I hate it all Smash the State Smash the State Smash the State Smash the State We donÕt need it I hate all the presidents, I hate all the governments I hate all […]

Death To All The Pigs – Naked Aggression

Someday they will pay For all the crimes that they’ve committed Doing the dirty work for the rich lawmakers They never question the fucked up laws they enforce Racist and sexist they violate basic rights The only good cop is one that lies dead on the ground There’s a difference between peacekeepers and fascists! It […]

Hardcore Guys – Naked Aggression

I’m a hardcore guy – I don’t really care I don’t care what you say about me I don’t give a fuck Cause I wanna, I wanna be free Cause I’ve had enough I’m a hardcore guy – don’t have to tell you why I’m a hardcore guy – I don’t really care I don’t […]

Life On The Road – Naked Aggression

we got places to go we got people to meet So all you cool cats come in off the street Yo daddy yo you’ll get knocked off your feet –The music will make you go crazy again and again- People are jumpin’ around feet flying though the air They’re gettin’ knocked around nobody seems to […]

Ode To A Fucked Up World – Naked Aggression

Seeing people hurt eachother and they don’t even care. I think of self-destruction but I tell those thoughts to go away I won’t give up, I will hang on. I’ll keep living form day to day. I don’t plan ahead or think of yesterday, I wonder what to do now instead. I think about this […]

Under 18 – Naked Aggression

They force you to conform, plan your whole damn life By the time your 21 the brainwashing is done You’re sucked into there system there is no return Look at the world your parents gave to you Full of hate, full of lies Look at the way your parents live their lives By the rules, […]

Media – Naked Aggression

Blinds my eyes (X2) Trying to Trying to Trying to fuck my mind (X2) Television blinds my eyes It’s not real, the mediaÕs owned by the rich Don’t be confused by their propaganda Television blinds my eyes Smash your TV (X4) Life on TV’s beautiful, this portrait I despise Make war look so glamourous It’s […]

Comfortably Dumb – Naked Aggression

Can’t raise a conscience, there’s no conscience to be raised Kill the rich now, think of all the lives we’ll save If you’re a threat they’ll put you down Collective action they won’t push you around You work for them, they don’t work at all Wildcats strike! Watch big business fall KILL THE RICH KILL […]

Right Now – Naked Aggression

So much anger, so much hate, if things don’t change the human race will end Will the 90’s be another decade of apathy? Are you just going sit by and watch things get worse and worse? NO! The rich will stop at nothing to control the world and keep their power They all live like […]

Anthem – Naked Aggression

I don’t have a fancy job don’t wear no diamond rigs Well they’ll never know that the joke is on them Cause I’m lucky go free don’t got no worryin’ You can laugh at me and say I’m wrong You can try and say that I’m a fool But there’s some things that I’ll never […]