Make Way! – Napalm Death

A virus known as profit Extract from it the “goodness” Which in business terms means greed Make way! For another […]

Unfit Earth * – Napalm Death

Looking from outside inwards A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds Silent screams from an unfit Earth Battered and […]

None The Wiser? – Napalm Death

this subservience demeans a mental gait. It’ insensible, just be digestible and tether down that rage. No ignoramus (or) sufferer […]

Christening Of The Blind – Napalm Death

Free thought demolished, Generations, of stereotypes clash, Traditional values abolished. Outcries from the blind converted, Mentally shocked. Their forcified vision […]

Birth In Regress – Napalm Death

Feast your eyes on It reflects on Can’t pertain to Can’t belong to Vicious cycle Faultless conflict Self-preserving Birth in […]

Breed To Breathe – Napalm Death

Science strays Walk the path of servitude Grown unknown malignant code Misconceived the passion whole Misconceived the passion whole Born […]

Time Will Come – Napalm Death

jeopardising all. Caught the chain reaction, rolling with the fall. Forget the friendship, the points made loud and clear. Where […]

Primed Time – Napalm Death

And glanced into the eyes of those Who were going opposite way. They failed to bridge the gap, First contact […]

Exile – Napalm Death

Perhaps not guaranteed. Reassuring cash transfer providing leads, Media profile – fallacies we need? I think not! Labels breed the […]

Purist-Realist – Napalm Death

Purist-realist manipulates Purist-realist segregates Purist-realist – on their own terms Purist-realist – you never learn Inner loathing – the mounting […]

Pride Assasin – Napalm Death

Expected mass production All cloned to obey without fall To question means breaking the mould To turn your back, that […]

Aryanisms – Napalm Death

A role model, an image that you feel Should guide the habits, to form a movement of self-infatuated fools. Keeping […]