Ripe For The Breaking – Napalm Death

…you weren’t born with the world falling at your feet- The path is long and agonizing being dragged on your knees. …and the silver spoon in your mouth tastes spoilt with rust, when all that glitters isn’t gold and fortunes turn to dust. You’re prime for the raping. And when you don’t pander to meet […]

Greed Killing – Napalm Death

The wrong time, the wrong place, Our smiling face of distruct. Buried, the seed deep in all our heads. Prepared ourselves for the fall. The greed killing! Instinct to mistruct, Instinct – the lust. Their butchery of feelings, geared for the greed killing. The greed killing! The lust denied is need (x5) Existence is a […]

None The Wiser? – Napalm Death

this subservience demeans a mental gait. It’ insensible, just be digestible and tether down that rage. No ignoramus (or) sufferer for art. big windows smudged so play a part! Since when did we discard perception as the years went flashing by? Will characterless enigmas brake the degenerative slide? Not in deep for a dress to […]

Incendiary Incoming – Napalm Death

Can I vacate these premises? Siphoned off, Sealed my walls. Strike a light then screw the vice. Callouses that keep my peace – blemished blissfully, torched off in a fiery sea, defiled first degree. Searching flames darkens embrace. And lost crimes laid raw and bare, guarded eyes with intruded glare. Incendiary incoming Picking out thoughts […]

Incendiary Incoming – Napalm Death

Can I vacate these premises? Siphoned off, Sealed my walls. Strike a light then screw the vice. Callouses that keep my peace – blemished blissfully, torched off in a fiery sea, defiled first degree. Searching flames darkens embrace. And lost crimes laid raw and bare, guarded eyes with intruded glare. Incendiary incoming Picking out thoughts […]

The Missing Link – Napalm Death

Comes with belonging to a scene Supposedly absent of barriers (When sexism is one of many) Earnest words Calling for unity of the sexes When she’s still the chick, or stupid bitch (Ridiculed for showing an interest) Hidden indifference Strikes an emotion reaction When you see an animal being abused Yet un-noticed when a woman […]

If The Truth Be Known – Napalm Death

Your self-determined place of value Think before you act! Can you justifiably criticise A situations development Sometimes there’s only a single path Which we have to walk You realise before you even speak That we’re standing in a one-way street Why should we retreat? – To satisfy your gain? Think hard – tell me What’s […]

Mechanics Of Deceit – Napalm Death

Cloacks of sickness / keeping us sweet Delusional blackness / fictional madness Visionary blackness / traps are set Revolting mind doors conspiring our downfall Which came first? The lies or deceit? Why did the suffering cross the divide? The dealer sold his soul / to hide And left us on the other side. The business […]

Christening Of The Blind – Napalm Death

Free thought demolished, Generations, of stereotypes clash, Traditional values abolished. Outcries from the blind converted, Mentally shocked. Their forcified vision shies away from reality, Finally blocked. Majority overweigh the scales of balance, Secrets hidden, Sin after sin in their eyes. Understanding is now too late, Utopia is banished, The very morals trusted in have brought […]

Next On The List – Napalm Death

Next on the list? Such a smug parasite Smug in a comfort zone We stepped back and watched while you vidated our effects, our spirits, our souls Opportunist scum? Think you’re so immune? Opportunist scum? We yearn to see you removed Opportunist scum? Truly spineless cint Opportunist scum? Back in this lonthsome glas Where once […]

Birth In Regress – Napalm Death

Feast your eyes on It reflects on Can’t pertain to Can’t belong to Vicious cycle Faultless conflict Self-preserving Birth in regress In the midst of confusion The warm sound of shelter Shelve the plans of expansion The warm sound of shelter Promising all Deliver nothing Dependently reassuring Come to terms with Serves no purpose Self-preserving […]

Dementia Access – Napalm Death

In a world where I try to belong. I try to belong. Character cessation, On a major scale of depression. Declining sense of fear, A fear that is growing, That some divine treason is making me feel like nothing. Dementia access, dementia access. Wide awake as I await sentence, Resisting to be forced access. Dementia […]

Breed To Breathe – Napalm Death

Science strays Walk the path of servitude Grown unknown malignant code Misconceived the passion whole Misconceived the passion whole Born against the innocent Amongst us issues preset Determined goals which are set Love: a crime of serverance Are we free to feel!? Do we hurt to heel!? Whose life to steal!? Whose life to steal!? […]

No Mental Effort – Napalm Death

As far as politics are concerned That’s fine coming from someone To whom sensationalism be there only wisdom in words. A self-proclaimed spokesman On something to which prior knowledge excedes, Championing no more censorship, Then ridiculing our beliefs. To appeal to your better nature, Are we to keep our mouths shut? Easy to discard Constructive […]

If Symptoms Persist – Napalm Death

Fate has brought us here Picture geffing clear See right through you I see right through you I feel for no one Where have my feelings gone? All too powerful Witness this as I stand the fest of time In eternal sleep You gave me your word More than life itself I breathe new life […]

Cursed To Crawl – Napalm Death

A fragile peace that exists inside A frame so shallow, so narrow-minded. An open wound – we run inside. A raging turmoil. Helplessness confides… Chorus: Cursed to crawl for pale and bleeding heart Cursed to crawl Pale and bleeding. Cursed to crawl for pale and bleeding heart Cursed to crawl PAle and bleeding. Enter this […]

Malicious Intent – Napalm Death

Previous times you stuck by me Relations fine undeniably Mutual trust and honesty The essential recipe There’s two sides to a coin Opinions numbered many Yet resolve came with ease Compromised and regret – free Then the vhange of expression A unit of friends and the chance to be free Your thoughts on these cast […]

Time Will Come – Napalm Death

jeopardising all. Caught the chain reaction, rolling with the fall. Forget the friendship, the points made loud and clear. Where was the kinship for which we endear? Soulless execution – mixing guilt with blame, breaking point in contact – No more vain demands. Time will come. Pleasing all to punish, stepping up the race, pulling […]

Primed Time – Napalm Death

And glanced into the eyes of those Who were going opposite way. They failed to bridge the gap, First contact was a threat And you could tsate the surging unrest. Who wrote the law that opposites attract? Who could be so naive? Everyone trurts no-one. Looking out for number one. Ours is the primed time. […]

Repression Out Of Uniform – Napalm Death

Camera sensor eyes pierce. We excuse stone-set normality. yet send tremors through morality. Frozen optics, traction for outspoken heads. Fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge and bizarre take on community concern. Division is your vision. Cajoled – jostled into position where we can’t ascend or defend. Funny how you’re moulded by perfection; Which visionary told you […]

Exile – Napalm Death

Perhaps not guaranteed. Reassuring cash transfer providing leads, Media profile – fallacies we need? I think not! Labels breed the money making rock machines. Broadening mind, eyes blind. Criticism for the masses – or for themselves? Progression of procession? Do opinions count or do they mount? The piles of shit, (That the) alternative press delights […]

Circle Of Hypocrisy – Napalm Death

Talk of unity – a far cry from the slander and rivalry Why should we encourage what in fact is a circle of hypocrisy Impulsive jealosy Where;s the so-called harmony? Internally untrusting Externally inspiring Assume your place above the rest The wisest of the less The knowledge you’ll never possess Compensated for with single-mindedness Bored […]

The Chains That Bind Us – Napalm Death

Forced exposure to create what is expected (To face) neglection is the price no-one wants to pay Line in line, stereotypes perpetrated Similarity of negativity The chains that bind us grow stronger Break away from the pack of mindless dogs Taste the scent, realise ambition Life – a stagnant lair in which to lie Taste […]

Uncertainty Blurs The Vision – Napalm Death

Where together we walk Unbound from an existence Of fear and pain The key to which Is self-contained External freedom Must evolve from liberation within To gain respect And see the qualities in all life Forms the spark Which strikes the light When so minimal the loss How great be the risk In reaching out […]

Purist-Realist – Napalm Death

Purist-realist manipulates Purist-realist segregates Purist-realist – on their own terms Purist-realist – you never learn Inner loathing – the mounting hate Hundred fights – a thousand regrets Sacrifice – you wear me like a second skin Dwelling on a scene of bitter love Harping on some forgotten war The shadow former self Two-faced preacher – […]

Pride Assasin – Napalm Death

Expected mass production All cloned to obey without fall To question means breaking the mould To turn your back, that courage you lack Or live in pretence In youth confused Prime for manipulation And open sore cursed with their social infections Absorb to be seen as a failure Nor fit to breathe the air we […]


Tiresome / – out-grown / rebel’s seen the light. Re-a / djusted? Dissolved his stauch defiance. The Anti-Christ shifts to the right. He wears his ‘X’ and reviles mine Music to righteous ears Music to righteous ears Music to righteous ears Music to righteous ears Moved out of / step-seeking distorted views. Slack-brained soundbites serve […]

Just Rewards – Napalm Death

I lived for a moment I grabbed hold and I didn’t relent Skin of my teeth, Holds no longer. And now I come to claim my just rewards. Face down! Ground down with no recourse. And now I come to claim my just rewards. The spoils of the toils are spent. Where is the right […]

Aryanisms – Napalm Death

A role model, an image that you feel Should guide the habits, to form a movement of self-infatuated fools. Keeping “Each to their own”, where social bonding is taboo Is it nice to be a clone in your interpretation of a perfect world, Where all desire to consort is perceived as contagious disease. Keeping “Each […]

Blunt Against The Cutting Edge – Napalm Death

Blunt / on the cutting / edge This is a stylistic disaster Or so I’m told Won’t meet your estimations Do well to fold Can’t keep up to the (dummy) run Am I redundant? Integrity dressed down By the cuts of their threads Nice and neat (with a) sideline in grief? I’ll say inkempt A […]

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